Psalm 117

117:0Some Bible students think that this psalm was to start times of worship in the temple. The temple was God's house in Jerusalem. We do not know who wrote it. And we do not know when they wrote it.

Read the notes in Psalm 113 in this set of psalms. They will tell you about Egyptian hallels.

The Shortest Psalm (The Fifth Egyptian Hallel)

1 Every country in the world, praise the Lord!

All the people in the world, praise him!

117:1Usually ‘praise the Lord’ is ‘hallelujah’ in Hebrew. The Jews spoke Hebrew and wrote the psalms in Hebrew. Here they use a different Hebrew word. ‘Praise’ means ‘tell someone that they are great.’ ‘Lord’ is another word for God. It is his covenant name. A covenant is when two people, or groups of people, agree. Here God agrees to love and give help to his people when they need it. His people agree to love and obey God.

But who are ‘his people?’ Here it is not only the Jews. It is all the people in the world, if they will love and obey him!

2 His kind love for us is very strong.

And he will always do what he has promised.

Praise the Lord

117:2‘Very strong’: The Hebrew word means ‘will win the war.’ God loves everybody in the world and he will try to ‘win the war’ for their love. ‘Praise the Lord’ at the end of the verse is ‘hallelujah!’