Psalm 116

God saved me from death

116:1This psalm is the fourth of the 6 Egyptian ‘Hallel’ psalms (113—118). This psalm is about one man's trouble. God saved him when he thought that he would die. Verses 5-7 tell us about God. He loves people, and he is kind and good to them. He gives them help when they need it. Verses 12-18 tell us what the writer promises to do. He asks what he can give to God to say ‘thank you.’ He says that he will make an offering to God when he meets with all the people at the temple in Jerusalem. He wants all the people to know that God has been very kind to him.

1 I love the Lord,

because he heard me when I called to him.

2 He listened carefully to me.

When I need help, I will always pray to him,

for as long as I live.

3 The danger of death was very near to me.

I became afraid of the deep hole of death.

I was very sad and upset.

4 Then I called out to the Lord.

I said, ‘Lord, please save my life!’

5 The Lord is kind and fair.

Yes, our God is very kind.

6 The Lord takes care of weak people.

I was in danger of death,

and he saved me!

7 So now I know that I am safe again.

The Lord has been very good to me.

8 Yes, Lord, you saved me from death!

Because of that, my eyes no longer weep,

and I do not fall down to the ground.

9 Now I will serve the Lord

here in this world where people live.

10 I trusted in the Lord

even when I said, ‘I have much pain.’

11 I was confused and I said,

‘Everybody tells lies.’

12 The Lord has done many kind things to help me.

What can I give back to him?

13 I will offer a cup of wine to the Lord,

to thank him because he saved me!

I will worship him.

14 I will give to the Lord

everything that I have promised.

I will do that when all his people meet together.

15 The Lord is sad when one of his servants dies,

because their lives are valuable to him.

16 Lord, I really am your servant.

I am like a slave in your house.

You have saved me from death.

17 I will offer to you a special sacrifice to say ‘thank you’.

I will worship you as Lord.

18 I will give to the Lord

everything that I have promised.

I will do that when all his people meet together,

19 in the yard of the Lord's temple.

Yes, I will worship you in your temple in Jerusalem.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!