Psalm 114

Hallelujah, God does great things

114:1This is the second ‘Egyptian hallel’ psalm. It tells us what happened when the people of Israel left Egypt.

1 God led Israel's people out of Egypt.

Jacob's descendants left that foreign land.

2 Then Judah became God's special place for his people.

There he ruled over Israel's people.

3 The sea looked and ran away!

Then the Jordan River turned back!

114:3The sea was the Red Sea. It was between Egypt and Canaan. See Exodus 14:10-22 A dry path appeared in the sea. The same thing happened to the Jordan River. See Joshua 3:7-17.

4 The mountains shook,

like sheep that are jumping.

The hills jumped like lambs.

114:4The hills and mountains jumped like animals when the Lord was near. See Exodus 19:18-20.

5 Tell me, sea, why did you run away?

Tell me, Jordan River, why did you turn back?

6 And you mountains and hills,

why did you jump like sheep?

7 Earth, you should shake with fear!

The Lord, Jacob's God, has come to you,

so be afraid!

8 He changes a rock into a pool of water!

Water pours out of a hard rock!