Psalm 111

The Lord does great things

111:1Psalm 111 is one of the alphabet psalms. That means that the first sentence begins with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The second sentence begins with the second letter, and so on. We have not made it an alphabet poem in English.

1 Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

I will thank the Lord with all that I am,

when we, his people, meet together.

2 The Lord does great things!

People who enjoy them,

think carefully about them.

3 Everything that he does

shows that he is a very great king!

He will always do what is completely right.

4 The Lord causes us to remember his miracles.

He is kind and he forgives people.

5 He gives food to the people who serve him.

He always remembers the covenant

that he made with his people.

6 He said that he would use his great power

to help his people.

He has given to them

the lands where other nations lived.

7 He is always honest and fair

in the things that he does.

His rules help people to live well.

8 They will continue to be right for all time.

People should trust those rules and obey them.

9 He rescued his people

so that they became free.

He made his covenant with them

so that it would continue for ever.

His name is holy,

and people should respect him with fear.

10 If you want to live in a wise way,

respect and obey the Lord.

111:10See Proverbs 1:7; 9:10.

Everyone who lives in the way that he teaches

will understand what is right.

People should praise the Lord for ever!