Psalm 108

This psalm is a song that David wrote.

A prayer for help

108:1In this psalm, the first 5 verses come from Psalm 57 and the last 8 verses come from Psalm 60.

Instead of writing a new psalm, the writer put together parts of two psalms that David wrote. In Psalm 57, David thanked God for helping him to fight his enemies. In Psalm 60, those enemies were Babylon and Edom.

1 God, I have decided to trust you always.

I will sing songs to praise you,

with all that I am.

2 I will pick up my harp and my lyre.

I will make music as the sun rises!

3 Lord, I will thank you in front of all the people.

I will sing to praise you,

so that all nations hear.

4 Your faithful love is great.

It is higher than the skies.

Your truth reaches beyond the clouds.

5 God, show how great you are,

high above the sky!

Let everybody on the earth see your glory.

6 Use your power to rescue us!

Answer our prayers!

Then the people that you love will be safe.

7 God has spoken from his holy place!

108:7The holy place is God's home. Perhaps it was the temple in Jerusalem, or God's home in heaven.

He has promised:

‘I will show my power!

I will make Shechem into separate pieces.

I will measure Succoth Valley.

8 Gilead belongs to me,

and so does Manasseh.

Ephraim is like my helmet for war.

Judah has the authority of my royal sceptre.

108:8The first six places were all parts of Israel. They all belong to God. He will decide what to do with them. They will have important jobs, like Ephraim as a soldier and Judah as a judge.

9 But Moab is the place where I wash my hands.

Edom is my servant.

I can throw my shoes at him!

I will shout aloud,

because I have won against the Philistines.’

108:9Moab, Edom and the Philistines were all enemies of Israel. God will use them like his servants, to do what he wants.

10 Who will lead me into the strong city?

Who will take me to fight and win against Edom?

108:10From verse 10 to the end, David is speaking again.

11 God, have you really turned against us?

Will you not lead our armies into battle?

12 Help us to fight against our enemies,

because help from men is useless!

13 With God's help, we will win!

He will beat down our enemies for us.