Psalm 105:1-45

God takes care of his people

105:1The writer of this psalm tells God's people to thank God because he does what he has promised to do. The writer remembers that God promised to give Abraham many descendants. God also promised to use Abraham's descendants to bless the whole world.

1 Thank the Lord!

Make his name famous!

Tell people in all the nations

what he has done.

2 Sing songs and make music

to praise him!

Tell people about the miracles that he has done.

3 Boast about his holy name.

105:3We can boast about God's name because he is completely good.

Everybody who wants to worship the Lord

should be very happy!

4 Ask the Lord to help you.

Ask him to give you strength.

Always try to be near him

and worship him.

5 Remember the great things that he has done.

Remember his miracles,

and the commands that he has spoken.

105:5The miracles in this psalm are the things that God did in Egypt, and later in the wilderness, to rescue his people.

6 Remember that you are descendants of God's servant, Abraham.

You are Jacob's descendants,

and God has chosen you to be his people.

7 He is the Lord, our God.

He rules the whole earth with justice.

8 He will always remember the covenant

that he made with us.

He made that promise to continue for ever.

9 That is the promise that he made to Abraham,

and that he also made to Isaac.

10 He repeated it to Jacob as a law.

It was a covenant with Israel's people

that would continue for ever.

105:10See Genesis 28:13-14 (Isaac's son, Jacob). Israel is another name for Jacob. Israel's people, the Israelites, are Jacob's family.

11 He promised Jacob,

‘I will give to you the land of Canaan.

It will belong to you,

and to your descendants.’

12 At one time, God's people were only a few.

They lived in Canaan as strangers.

13 They travelled among different nations

and different kingdoms.

14 But the Lord did not let anyone hurt them.

He punished kings to keep his people safe.

15 He said, ‘Do not even touch the people that I have chosen to be mine.

Do not hurt my prophets.’

16 The Lord sent a famine to the land of Canaan,

so that his people had no food left to eat.

17 But he sent Joseph to Egypt

before they went there to get food.

105:17See Genesis 42:1-5.

Joseph's brothers sold him as a slave.

18 In Egypt the chains on his feet hurt him.

He had a heavy piece of iron round his neck.

19 He remained a slave

until what he said would happen really happened.

Then the Lord showed that Joseph was right.

20 The powerful king of Egypt sent someone

to let Joseph go free out of prison.

21 The king made Joseph master of his palace.

Joseph took care of everything that belonged to the king.

22 The king gave him authority over his officers.

He could teach the king's leaders,

so that they would know what to do.

23 Then Jacob's family came into Egypt.

They lived as strangers in the land of Ham's descendants.

105:23See Genesis 46:1-27. The Egyptian people were descendants of Noah's son, Ham.

24 The Lord gave to his people many children.

They became more powerful than their enemies.

25 So the Egyptians began to hate God's people.

They did cruel things to the Lord's people.

26 The Lord sent his servant Moses

to help his people in Egypt.

He also chose Aaron to help them.

27 Moses and Aaron did many miracles in Egypt,

where Ham's descendants lived.

They showed the Lord's great power to the Egyptians.

28 God made all the land become dark.

But the Egyptians did not obey God's command.

29 God caused their rivers to become blood,

and he killed their fish.

30 Frogs covered all their land.

They even went into the bedrooms of the palace!

31 The Lord commanded flies and gnats

to cover the whole country.

32 He sent hail with the rain,

and there was lightning everywhere.

33 He destroyed their vines and fig trees.

He knocked down the trees everywhere in their country.

34 He commanded many locusts to come.

There were too many locusts to count!

35 They ate all the plants in their land,

and all the crops in their fields.

36 Then the Lord killed all the firstborn sons in Egypt.

He killed the oldest son in each family.

37 So the Lord led his people out from Egypt.

They took with them valuable silver and gold things.

Nobody among the Israelite people was too weak to go.

38 The Egyptians were happy when they went,

because they were afraid of the Israelites.

105:38The Egyptian people were so happy when the Israelites went that they gave them gifts. These gifts were valuable things made from silver and gold. The Egyptians were afraid of the Israelites because the Lord had made them very many. The Egyptians also saw God's power in the miracles that Moses and Aaron did.

39 The Lord made a cloud to cover them

and a fire to give them light at night.

40 When they asked him for food,

he gave them quails to eat.

He fed them with bread from the sky.

41 He broke a rock,

so that water poured out from it.

It ran as a river through the dry places.

42 Yes, the Lord remembered the holy promise

that he had made to his servant, Abraham.

43 So he led his people out from Egypt,

and they were very happy!

They were the people that he had chosen for himself,

and they shouted with joy!

44 The Lord gave to them

the land of other nations.

They enjoyed the good things

that other people had worked to get.

45 Then God's people could obey his commands

and his laws.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!