Psalm 101:1-8

The king's song

101:1David promises to serve God and to rule his people well.

1 I will sing and praise you, Lord!

I will sing about your faithful love and your justice.

101:1‘Faithful love’ is the love that God has for his own people.

2 I will be careful to live in a completely good way.

When will you come to help me, Lord?

In my own home,

I will always be completely honest.

3 As for evil things,

I will not even think about them.

I hate the things that wicked people do.

They will not be my friends.

4 I will keep away from people with wrong thoughts.

I will not mix with them.

5 If anyone secretly speaks against his friend,

I will destroy them.

If anyone is proud and they boast about themselves,

I will send them away from me.

6 Instead, I will work with people

that I can trust.

I will let them live with me and be my guides.

My servants will be people

who live in an honest way.

7 People who deceive others or who tell lies

will not have a place in my home.

8 Every morning I will remove

any wicked person who lives in our land.

101:8Every morning probably means the time when David judged people. He decided whether they deserved punishment.

Nobody who does evil things

will remain in the city of the Lord.