Psalm 100

This is a psalm to say ‘thank you’.

Thank you, God!

100:1God loves his people with a special love that will continue for ever.

1 Everyone on earth,

shout and praise the Lord!

2 Worship the Lord and be happy!

Come near to him with songs of joy.

3 Understand that the Lord is God.

He made us and we are his people.

He takes care of us,

like a shepherd with his sheep.

4 Thank him as you go through the gates into his temple.

Praise him as you stand in his temple yards.

100:4The writer tells everyone to come to the temple and to praise God. The temple building had a wall round it, with gates. Inside the wall there were big yards where people could stand. Only the priests and the Levites could go into the building itself.

Thank him and praise him

as he deserves!

5 Yes, the Lord is good.

He always loves us as his people.

He always does what he has promised

to us and to our descendants for ever.