Psalm 10

God will Always Remember you

1 Lord, why are you standing so far away?

Why do you hide when there is trouble?

2 In his pride, the wicked man tries to catch helpless people.

I hope that wicked people catch themselves with their bad plans!

3 The wicked boasts about what he wants.

He says good things about those that want more than is fair.

He says very bad things about the Lord.

4 In his pride, the wicked does not look for God.

He will not even think of God.

5 Everything that the wicked does always works well.

He puts the rules of God far from him.

He laughs at the people that do not like him.

6 He says to himself, ‘There will be no trouble for me.

Nothing bad will ever happen to me or to my children.’

7 His mouth makes bad promises.

It is full of words that are not true.

He says that he will do very bad things to people.

There is evil on his tongue.

10:7Psalm 10: 1-7: In Psalm 9, we read about the enemy of God. He was also the enemy of David. The enemy was probably a foreign country. In Psalm 10, we read about the wicked man, or the wicked. They were people that lived in David's country. Perhaps some of them were women. They wanted more that it was fair for them to have. They made plans to take things from people that were helpless. Some of these helpless people were people of God. Sometimes they felt that God did not care any more.

8 He hides behind the bushes near the villages.

He watches in secret for people to hurt.

He jumps out and murders people that have done nothing wrong.

9 He lies like a lion under the cover of a bush.

He waits to catch someone that is helpless.

He does catch him and takes him away in his net.

10 He beats the helpless man.

The helpless man fails and falls under the stronger man.

11 He says to himself, ‘God forgot.

He hid his face. He never saw what happened.’

10:11Psalm 10: 8-11: The wicked man is like a wild animal called a lion. They kill for what they can get. In Psalm 10:11 we do not know if ‘he’ is the bad man or the helpless man. The Hebrew Bible just says ‘he.’ Both people felt that God was not looking.

12 Rise up, Lord; God lift up your hand.

Do not forget the helpless people.

13 Why does the wicked man say such bad things about God?

Why does he think, ‘God will not do anything about it?’

14 See it all, God, all the trouble,

all the oppressed people.

Decide what to do about it.

The helpless puts his trust in you.

You give help to the fatherless.

15 The arm of the wicked and evil man – break it Lord!

Tell him to explain what he has done.

He thought that you would not discover it!

16 The Lord will always be king.

The nations will not remain in his land for evermore.

17 You hear, Lord, what oppressed people want.

You listen when they pray. You give them something to hope for.

18 You care for the fatherless and the oppressed.

People from the earth will not frighten the poor again.

10:18Psalm 10: 12-18: David prays that God will do something. In verses 16-18 David tells his people that God will do something. God will frighten the wicked away. (Frighten means make afraid). David knew that after fighting foreign countries (look in Psalm 9) there was unrest in his own kingdom. (‘Unrest’ means people in the same country fighting each other). King David tried to stop it, but he knew that only God would really stop it. (A kingdom is a country that has a king or a queen.)