Psalm 1

1:0We do not know who wrote Psalm 1. It was probably a special start to the Book of Psalms. It tells us about two groups of people:

– Verses 1-3: friends of God, he calls them righteous

– Verses 4-6: enemies of God, we call them godless

In Psalm 1, life is like a way or a road. The man that walks on the way with God becomes happy. The end is heaven. The enemy of God walks on a different road. He will never be really happy. The end is not heaven, but a very bad place that we call hell.

The Two Ways

1 The man is very happy that does not:

· walk as godless people suggest

· stand in the way near sinners

· sit with them that scorn God

1:1Verse 1: This tells us how to become really happy. We will:

– Not do what the godless say

– Not go where sinners are

– Not scorn what God teaches

2 He likes what the LORD teaches.

He repeats it day and night.

1:2Verse 2: This tells us more about the really happy man. The word ‘repeats’ here means ‘talks to himself but not very loud.’ He remembers words from the Bible.

3 ‘He will become like a tree planted by rivers of water.’

‘It will give its fruit in its season. Its leaves will not fall’

‘Everything that he does will be very good.’

1:3Verse 3: These are some of the words that he might say from the Bible, from the Books of Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Joshua. They tell us that he:

– Drinks the water that God offers

– Brings fruit to God

– Is strong in times of trouble

– Will do well in the eyes of God

The water that God gives us is new life. The fruit is the good things that we do. This is because we have the new life of God in us. Read John 4:10-14 and Galatians 5:22-23.

4 But the godless are like chaff.

The wind blows them away.

1:4Verse 4: The godless do not keep God's rules. They become bad people. God will blow them away like chaff one day.

5 So godless people will not stand in the judgement.

Sinners will not stay with righteous people.

1:5Verse 5: The judgement is when God says who is righteous and who is not. ‘Not stand in the judgement’ means ‘God will say that they are not righteous.’ After we die there will be a judgement for all of us.

6 The LORD knows the way of righteous people.

The way of the godless leads to death.

1:6Verse 6: ‘The LORD knows’ means that God is always near to his people.