About the Book of Psalms

Psalms contains 150 very old songs in 5 books. The first 41 psalms are in book one and from numbers 42 to 72 are in book two. The third book has psalms from 73 to 89 and psalms 90 to 106 are in the fourth book. The last book has psalms 107 to 150.
Most of the psalms show the name of the writer at the top. Probably Moses wrote the oldest one. He lived in about 14 centuries before Jesus Christ. King David lived almost 10 centuries before Jesus Christ. He wrote 73 of the psalms and he may have written some of the 50 that do not show who wrote them.
The writers wrote the psalms for several different purposes. In some psalms, they recorded much of the story of past events for God's people. There are happy psalms that tell God how great he is. Many of these psalms thank God for what he has done. In other psalms, they pray to God for help and they ask him to save them. Some pray to God that he will excuse and forget the bad things that they have done. There are psalms that ask God to beat and destroy their enemies. Many of the psalms talk about the future and about the life of Jesus.
The psalms show how God worked in the lives of his people. And they cover so many things that affect the lives of people today. Many people find help as they read them. If we believe in God, he will rescue us from our troubles.
The psalms show and teach us so much about God. They tell how great and powerful he is. They show how bad things make him angry. However, they show how much he loves us.