Proverbs 8

Remember that wise words are important

8:1This is the second of Solomon's three poems. This poem is a speech. The speaker is the woman called Wisdom. Everyone should listen to her words.

1 Listen. You should be able to hear the wise words. Wisdom is like a woman who is causing people to hear her.

2 You will hear these words high on the hills along the way. You will hear these words where the paths meet.

3 Next to the gates that go into the city, you will hear these words. Someone will be shouting them aloud at the doors where you go in.

4 ‘I shout out to all of you, to everyone on earth.

5 You who do not have wisdom, be wise. You who are fools, learn to understand.

6 Listen to my very good words. All that I tell you is right.

7 What I say is true. I hate words that are not true.

8 Everything that I say is true. None of my words are false. They do not turn people on to the wrong path.

9 Wise words are clear to people who understand. Wise words are easy to understand for people who want to learn.

10 Choose my wise words rather than silver. Choose to learn rather than the best gold.

11 Wisdom is more valuable than valuable stones. Nothing that you want can be equal to it.

12 I, wisdom, am like a woman who lives with careful people. She knows many important things. And she knows when to speak.

13 Those who are afraid of the Lord hate wrong things. Some people think that they are great. They think of themselves as better than they really are. And they say false things. I do not like those people.

14 I tell people how to do the right things. I am wise and I am strong.

15 I help kings to rule, and I help rulers to make fair rules.

16 I help rulers to rule. And I help officers who work for the king. I help all the fair judges in the world to do their work.

17 I love those who love me. Whoever looks for me will find me.

18 I make people rich and great. I help people not to waste their money. And I help them to do the right things.

19 What you get from me is better than gold. It is better even than the best gold. It is better than the best silver.

20 I walk the way that is good. I follow the paths that are fair.

21 I make those people rich who love me. I fill their houses with valuable things.

22 A long time ago, the Lord had me. He had me before he created anything.

23 The Lord chose me in the beginning, before the world began.

24 I appeared before he created the seas. I appeared when there was no water on earth.

25 I appeared before he created the mountains. I appeared before he created the hills.

26 I was with him before he created the earth and its fields or even the ground.

27 I was there when he created the sky. I was there when he made the sky separate from the sea.

28 I was there when he put the clouds in the sky. I was there when he opened the streams of waters in the sea.

29 He said how high the waters of the sea should rise. They must not rise any higher than what he said. I was there when he created the earth.

30 I was next to him and I was a help to him every day. I gave him pleasure always. I was happy to be with him.

31 I was happy in his whole world and all the people gave me pleasure.

32 So, my sons, listen to me. Do as I say. If you do, you will be happy.

33 Listen to your teacher. If you are wise, you will not forget his words.

34 Happy is the man who listens to me. He watches every day at my gates, and he waits at my door.

35 Those who find me find life. The Lord will enjoy them.

36 Those who do not obey me hurt themselves. Everybody who does not like me loves death.’