Proverbs 7

7:0In chapters 7-9, Solomon teaches his final lesson to his son. The lesson has three poems.

1 Remember what I say, my son. Never forget my rules.

2 If you obey my rules, you will live. Keep my words as you keep your eyes safe.

3 Remember my words. Think about them all the time.

4 Love wise words in the same way as you love your sister. Love wisdom in the same way as you love your special friend.

5 Wisdom will keep you away from the bad wives of other men. They will keep you away from the adulteress. She says nice words but they could cause you to sin.

The adulteress

7:6This is the first poem in Solomon's final lesson to his son. It is about a woman who tempts a simple man. This man is a fool, because he trusts her. He does not realize what will happen to him.

6 Once I was looking out of the window of my house.

7 I saw a group of young men who did not know very much. Among them was a boy who was not wise.

8 He was walking along the street near the house of a certain woman, and he passed her house.

9 It was in the evening after it was dark.

10 Then she met him. Her clothes were like those that an adulteress wears. And she knew what she wanted to do.

11 She was a bad woman. She never did what she should do. Her feet never stayed at her home.

12 Sometimes she stood in the streets and sometimes she stood in the market place. She waited at the corners of the streets.

13 She put her arms round the young man and she kissed him. She looked into his eyes.

14 She said, ‘I have meat from the sacrifices that I made today. Today I have given what I promised to God.

15 So I came out to meet you. I was looking for you, and I have found you.

16 I have covered my bed with cloths from Egypt.

17 And the colour of it and the smell of it are beautiful.

18 Come, let me lie all night in your arms. We can enjoy ourselves with love all night long.

19 My husband is not here. He has gone away on a long journey.

20 He took plenty of money with him and he will not be back for two weeks.’

21 She tried to cause the young man to sin with her many words of love. She said very nice things to him. So he did everything that she wanted.

22 Immediately he followed her like an ox that men kill for food. He was like a fool that people tie with chains to punish him.

23 Then they kill that man with sharp sticks. He was like a bird that hurries into a net. He did not know that this could be the end of his life.

24 So, my sons, listen to me. Listen to what I say.

25 Do not love that kind of a woman. Do not go after her.

26 She has caused the death of many men. They are too many to count.

27 If you go to her house, you are on the path to the world of dead people. It is a quick way to die.