Proverbs 7

More danger!

7:1In chapters 7-9, Solomon teaches his final lesson to his son. The lesson has three parts.

1 My child, remember what I say. Keep my commands in your mind.

2 Obey my commands, so that you live well. Keep my teaching safe. It is as valuable as your own eyes. 3 Keep it always in front of you. Think about my message all the time, as if you have written it on your heart.

4 Love wisdom in the same way that you love your sister. Be very careful to understand what is right. 5 If you do that, it will keep you safe from sin. You will not agree to sleep with an adulteress or a prostitute when she speaks sweet words to you.

The adulteress

7:6This is the first part of Solomon's final lesson to his son. It is about a woman who deceives a foolish man. This man is a fool, because he is destroying his life. He does not realize what will happen to him. We can choose to listen to the woman who is ‘Wisdom’ (Chapter 8), or we can choose to listen to the woman who leads us into sin. This is a picture of the decisions that we make in life.

6 Once I was looking out through the window of my house. 7 I saw a group of silly young men. One of them was not wise at all. 8 He was walking along the street near the house of a bad woman. 9 It was in the evening after it had become dark. 10 Then the woman came out to meet him! She was wearing the clothes of a prostitute. She knew what she wanted to do.

11 This was a woman who did not respect anyone. She was not ashamed of the bad things that she did. She never stayed at her home. 12 Instead she would stand in the streets and in the market place. She would wait at the corners of the streets to find a man.

13 Now she took hold of the young man and she kissed him. She looked into his eyes without any shame. 14 She said to him, ‘I offered a sacrifice to God today and I have the meat at my home. 15 That is why I came out to meet you. I was looking for you, and now I have found you!

16 I have covered my bed with beautiful blankets and with valuable cloths from Egypt. 17 I have splashed many kinds of perfume on my bed, like myrrh, aloes and cinnamon. 18 So come and join me for the night. We can lie in each other's arms. All night, we can enjoy as much sex as we like. 19 My husband is not at home. He has gone away on a long journey. 20 He took a big bag of money with him. He will not come back until later this month.’

21 With those sweet words she deceived the young man. She made him want to be with her. 22 Suddenly he hurried to follow her! He went like an ox that men are leading to its death. He went like a deer that is running towards a trap. 23 Then an arrow will go straight into its body and kill it! The young man was like a bird that is flying into a trap. He did not know that his life was in danger.

24 So listen to me, my sons. Listen carefully to what I am saying. 25 Do not let that kind of woman spoil your mind. Do not let her lead you away from what is right. 26 She has caused many men to fall. Because of her, too many men have thrown away their lives.

27 If you go to her house, you are on the road to death. You will soon be in your grave.