Proverbs 5:15-23

Be faithful to your wife

15 You should enjoy your own wife, as you enjoy clean water to drink.

16 You would not pour your good water onto the streets. So do not waste your love on other women. 17 Keep it for you and your wife. Do not share it with other women.

18 Enjoy sex with your own wife. May the wife that you married when you were young continue to give you joy. 19 May she be as pretty and beautiful as a young deer. May her breasts always make you happy. May she love you in a way that gives you joy.

20 So my son, do not let an adulteress deceive you. Do not enjoy the body of another man's wife.

21 The Lord sees everything that a person does. He knows every path that you go along.

22 The sins of a wicked person will be the trap that catches him. They will hold him like strong ropes. 23 He cannot control his sins, so he will die. He will become lost, because he does such stupid things.