Proverbs 5

A husband who does right things is the best husband

5:1Chapter 5 is a poem about a married woman. She tempts a man who is not her husband.

1 My son, listen to my wisdom. And listen to my words that cause you to know.

2 If you do, you will always choose to do the right thing. And your words will show that you are wise.

3 The lips of the wife of another man will be as sweet as honey. Her kisses will be as soft as oil.

4 But in the end, she gives you something that is like a bitter food. It is like a very sharp sword. And you will be sad and angry.

5 She will take you down to the world of dead people. The road that she walks is the road to death.

6 She does not think about the way to life but she walks away. She does not understand what is happening.

7 So listen to me, my sons. Never forget what I am saying.

8 Keep away from a woman like that! Do not even go near the door of her house.

9 If you do, other people will not speak well about you. You will die young because a cruel person will kill you.

10 Strangers will take all your money. What you have worked for will go into a stranger's house.

11 Near the end of your life, you will shout out because your body will be so sick and weak.

12 You will say, ‘I certainly should have learned. People told me that I was doing the wrong things. But I thought that it was not important.

13 I did not listen to my teachers. I did not want to do what they said.

14 In front of all the people I lost the importance that they once gave to me.’

15 Enjoy sex with your own wife.

16 If you have children by other women, they will not help you.

17 Your children should grow up to help you. They should not grow up to help strangers.

18 So be happy with your wife. You married her when you were young. Enjoy the woman that you married.

19 She is pretty and she is as nice to watch as a young animal. Let her body keep you happy at all times. Always enjoy her love.

20 You should not give your love to another woman, my son. You should not go to another man's wife.

21 The Lord sees everything that you do. He is watching you everywhere that you go.

22 The bad things that a bad person does cover him like a net. And his own sin is like ropes that tie him.

23 He will not let anyone tell him that he is wrong. So he will die. He will be like a fool who goes the wrong way.