Proverbs 3:27-35

Wisdom causes you to help other people

27 Do not refuse to help those people who need help. If you are able to help them, do it! 28 If you can give your neighbour the help that he needs, do not say to him, ‘Go away! Come back tomorrow, and then I will help you.’

29 Do not think of ways to hurt your neighbour. You should help him to trust you.

30 Do not quarrel with other people if they have done nothing to hurt you. You have no reason to accuse them of anything wrong.

31 Do not be jealous of cruel people. Do not try to copy the things that they do. 32 The Lord hates wicked people. But he makes righteous people his friends.

33 The Lord curses the homes of wicked people, but he blesses the homes of righteous people. 34 The Lord laughs at proud people who laugh at other people. But he is kind to humble people.

35 Wise people will receive honour. But fools will only have shame.