Proverbs 3:1-12

Trust God

1 My child, do not forget what I teach you. Always think carefully about my commands. 2 If you obey them, you will live a long life. You will have peace in your mind. and you will enjoy your life.

3 Keep hold of faithful love. That will be like a beautiful necklace that you always wear. Think about what it means to love other people. 4 If you do that, you will make God happy. People will also be pleased and they will respect you.

5 Trust in the Lord completely. Do not think that you understand things well enough for yourself. 6 Whatever you are doing, remember that the Lord is with you. Then he will show you the right way to go.

7 Do not think that you are already wise enough. Obey the Lord and refuse to do evil things. 8 If you do that, it will make you healthy and strong.

9 Show that you respect the Lord in the way that you use your money. Offer the first part of the harvest from your farm to him. 10 If you do that, you will store more food than you need for yourself. You will have more wine than you can drink.

11 My child, if the Lord warns you that you have done something wrong, accept it. Do not be upset if he warns you. 12 He is doing it because he loves you. When a father loves his son very much, he warns him when he does something wrong.