Proverbs 3

More good words

1 Do not forget what I teach you, my son. Always remember what I ask you to do.

2 What I teach will give you a long and good life. And it will give you peace.

3 Do not let love go, and always do right things. Keep them like valuable stones round your neck and never forget them.

4 If you do that, you will make God happy. And you will make people happy too.

5 Always trust the Lord completely. Do not think that your own wisdom is enough.

6 Remember the Lord in everything that you do. If you do, he will show you the right way to go.

7 Do not think about yourself as wiser than you really are. Be afraid of the Lord and refuse to do wrong things.

8 If you do, it will be like good medicine. It will be like medicine that makes your body well. And it will be like something that makes your bones strong.

9 Obey the Lord's rules with your money and offer him the best things from your farm.

10 If you do, you will not have enough places to store everything from your farm. And you will have more wine than you can keep.

11 My son, the Lord will sometimes punish you. And he will sometimes tell you that you have done wrong things. Do not be angry when he does. And, when the Lord wants you to change something, obey him.

12 A father may be happy that his son is doing good things. But he will tell him if his son has done something wrong. The Lord will do the same to the people that he loves.

13 Happy is anyone who becomes wise. And happy is anyone who finds out what to do.

14 It is better than silver or the best gold.

15 It is better to be wise than to have very valuable stones. Nothing that you want could have more value.

16 If you are wise, you will have a long life. And you will have money, and people will call you a great person.

17 When you are wise, your life will be really good. And you will always be safe.

18 Wise people are happy. They will take hold of the good things of life.

19 The Lord, who is wise, made all the earth. And by wisdom he put the sky where it is.

20 The Lord who is wise, created the rivers and the clouds to give rain to the earth.

21 My son, remember my wise words and do not lose your wisdom. Always be wise when you are choosing what to do.

22 That will keep your soul alive. And your life will be good.

23 You will walk and you will not fall. Your feet will keep to the path.

24 You will not be afraid when you go to bed. And you will sleep well.

25 Bad things happen to bad men. But you will not have to be afraid about bad things that might surprise you.

26 You will be able to trust the Lord. He will not let you fall into a hole that bad men have dug.

27 Do not refuse to do good things to those that need it. Always do good things to them when you can.

28 Do not ask anyone to wait until tomorrow if you can help them today.

29 The man who lives next to you trusts you. So do not think about doing bad things to him.

30 Do not quarrel with other people for no good reason when they have never done anything wrong to you.

31 You should not want to be like bad people. Do not do anything that they do.

32 The Lord hates people who do bad things. But he shows his purposes to good people.

33 The Lord will cause bad things to happen to the homes of bad people. But he does good things to the homes of good people.

34 The Lord laughs at people who laugh at other people. But he is kind to people who have problems.

35 Wise people will be called great. But silly people will not be called great.