Proverbs 29

1 You may warn a proud person many times, but he will not listen to you.

Trouble will suddenly happen to him and he will not escape.

2 When righteous people are doing well, everyone is happy.

But when wicked people rule, everyone is sad.

3 A man who loves wisdom makes his father happy.

But anyone who is a friend of prostitutes is wasting his father's money.

4 A king who rules with justice makes his country strong.

But a king who takes lots of taxes destroys his country.

5 If you always praise your friends with sweet words,

that will be a trap that you walk into yourself.

6 The sin of an evil person becomes a trap that catches him.

But a righteous person sings with joy.

7 Righteous people want poor people to receive justice.

But wicked people do not understand things like that.

8 People who insult their friends bring trouble to a city.

But wise people stop arguments.

9 If a wise person accuses a foolish person in court,

there will be no agreement.

The fool will only laugh or he will become angry.

10 Murderers hate honest people.

They try to kill any good person.

11 Foolish people cannot control their anger.

But wise people are patient.

12 When a ruler listens to lies,

all his officers will be wicked.

13 The Lord gives light to all people so that they can see.

He does that for poor people and also those who are cruel to them.

14 If a king judges poor people in a true way,

he will always have the power to rule.

15 If you want your children to be wise,

warn them and punish them when they do wrong things.

If you let them do anything that they want to do,

they will make their mother ashamed.

16 When wicked people receive more power, there is also more sin.

But those wicked people will fall while righteous people watch.

17 Warn your children when they do wrong things,

so that you have peace in your mind.

They will make you very happy.

18 If people do not hear God's message,

there is no law to control them.

But if someone obeys God's law,

he is in a happy place.

19 You must use more than words to show a servant what is right.

Even if he understands what you say, he will not obey you.

20 Do you know anyone who speaks before he thinks?

A foolish person is more likely to become wise than that person.

21 You may give a servant everything that he wants from his birth.

But if you do that, he will be useless in the end.

22 An angry person causes arguments.

When he is angry, he causes many sins to happen.

23 A person's pride will bring shame to him.

But a humble person will receive honour.

24 If you help a robber, you are bringing punishment on yourself.

If you tell the truth in court, or if you keep quiet,

you will receive your punishment.

29:24In court, people had to ask God to curse them if they did not tell the truth. So the judge will punish you if you say that you helped a robber. God will punish you if you do not say anything.

25 If you are afraid of what people think about you,

you will never feel safe.

But if you trust in the Lord,

he will keep you safe.

26 Many people want the king to be their friend.

But only the Lord can give you true justice.

27 Righteous people hate wicked people.

Wicked people also hate people who live in a good way.