Proverbs 28

1 The bad man runs when nobody is running after him. But a good person is as brave as a lion.

2 When the people in a country sin, they will have many rulers. But a country will be strong when it has a wise leader.

3 A poor man that does bad things to weak people is like a lot of rain. It is like rain that destroys the harvest.

4 Men that do not obey the rules speak well about bad people. But men that obey the rules are against bad people.

5 Bad people do not understand what is fair. But there are people that want to know the Lord more than anything else. They are the people that do fair things.

6 It is better to be poor and honest than to be rich and not honest.

7 A son that obeys the rules is wise. But the man who has bad friends makes his father ashamed of him.

8 Some men get rich when they demand too much money from people. But their valuable things will go to someone that is kind to poor people.

9 Someone may not obey God's rules. God will not listen to the words that he prays. God hates them.

10 If you cause an honest person to do wrong things, bad things will happen to you. But a man who never does wrong things will receive valuable things.

11 Rich people always think that they know everything. But a poor person who understands people knows better.

12 When good people have power, everybody is happy. But when bad people have power, good people hide.

13 The man who hides his sins will never do well. A man should say that he is sorry. And he should stop doing bad things. If he does, God will be kind to that man.

14 Always be afraid of the Lord and obey him. If you do, you will be happy. But trouble will happen to the person who hates authority.

15 Poor people have no help against a very bad ruler. He is as dangerous as an angry lion or as frightening as a bear.

16 A silly ruler will become a cruel master. An honest ruler will rule for a long time.

17 Someone that has done a murder will have to run. And he will have to hide. He will have to hide until the day that he dies. No man should help him.

18 If you are honest, God will save you. But the man who is not honest will be in danger.

19 A farmer that works well will have plenty of food to eat. But the man that loves to dream during the day will always be poor.

20 The lives of honest people will be very happy. But if you are in a hurry to get rich, God will punish you.

21 Judges must say fairly who is wrong or right. They should not always say that their friends are right. And they should not always say that their enemies are wrong. It is not good if they do those things. A judge like that would sin even to get a small piece of bread.

22 Some people think only about themselves and they never give gifts. People like that are in a great hurry to get rich. They do not know how soon they will become poor.

23 A man may tell his friend that the friend has done something wrong. In the end, the friend will like that man. He will like him more than a man who says nice words to him.

24 Some people think that it is not wrong to rob their parents. But a person like that is as bad as a destroyer.

25 Some people think that they are great. They cause many quarrels. But someone who trusts the Lord will enjoy many good things.

26 He that trusts himself is a fool. But people that obey wise words will receive help. And God will keep them safe.

27 If you give to the poor people, you will never need anything for yourself. If you do not help the poor people, many people will say bad words about you.

28 People hide when bad men become rulers. But good men will get their power, and the good men will rule again.