Proverbs 27

1 Do not say what great things you will do tomorrow. You do not know what will happen between now and then.

2 Let other people say how good you are. Let a stranger do it. Never do it yourself.

3 Stone is heavy and sand is heavy too. But the silly words of a fool are like something that is heavier than both.

4 An angry man is a cruel man who destroys everything. But a man is worse who will do anything to get other people's things.

5 A good friend will tell you when you have done something wrong. He will tell you even in front of other people. That is better than someone who loves you secretly.

6 Do not let the painful words of a friend frighten you. But be careful when an enemy meets you with a kiss.

7 A person who is full of food will refuse honey. But to a hungry person, any bitter thing seems sweet.

8 A man may leave his home. Then he is like a bird that leaves its home.

9 Oil that has the smell of flowers makes you happy. Also, wise words from a friend make you happy.

10 Do not forget your friends and do not forget the friends of your father. If you are in trouble, do not ask someone from your family for help. A friend who lives near to you can help you. He can help you more than your family if they live far away.

11 If you are wise my son, I will be happy. And I will be able to answer anyone that uses bad words against me.

12 A careful man can see danger and he will hide himself. But the fool never stops and he goes into danger.

13 Take a coat from someone who promises to pay the debts of a stranger or of an adulteress.

14 Do not say nice things to your friends early in the morning with loud words. They will think that you are using bad words against them.

15 On some days, the rain continues to fall and it never stops. A wife who always quarrels is like that.

16 You can never keep her quiet. Anyone who can keep her quiet could stop the wind! And he could hold oil in his hand!

17 People learn from each other, as an iron tool can make iron sharp.

18 A careful man will eat the fruit from his own trees. And a master will give gifts to a man that is a good servant.

19 A man can see his face in water. In the same way, a man can understand the thoughts of another man.

20 The place of the dead people is never full. In the same way, the eyes of a man never get tired because they continue to look.

21 Fire cleans gold and heat cleans valuable metals. In the same way, if a man hears good words about himself, he will show his true nature.

22 Even when you hit a fool with a big stick it is not possible to remove all his silly ideas.

23 Always watch over your sheep and your goats. Take care of your cows.

24 A man can lose his valuable things and a country can lose its king.

25 When you cut the old grass, new grass appears. After that, you cut the grass on the hills.

26 You make clothes from your sheep's wool. When you sell your goats, you can use the money to buy a field.

27 Your other goats will give enough milk for you, for your family and for your servants.