Proverbs 26

1 It is not right to say good words about a fool. It is like snow in summer. It is like rain at the time of harvest.

2 Sometimes people may curse you. But if you have not done anything wrong, their words will not hurt you. Their words are like birds that never find a place to rest.

3 You have to hit a fool like you have to hit a horse or a donkey.

4 You are silly if you answer a silly question. You are as silly as the person who asked the question.

5 If someone asks a silly question, give him a silly answer. So he will know that he is not so wise. He is not as wise as he thinks.

6 If you let a fool deliver a message there will be trouble. It will be as bad as to cut off your own feet.

7 A fool cannot use a proverb. It is like the legs of a man who cannot walk.

8 To speak well about a fool is as silly as to fight with a sword that you have broken.

9 When a fool speaks a proverb, he is like a drunk. He is like a man who has drunk too much alcohol. He cannot even pick a sharp hard point of wood from his hand.

10 A soldier who fights everyone is no help to his master. The man who gives work to a fool is like that soldier. Someone who gives work to a stranger is as silly.

11 A sick dog cannot keep in its stomach what it has eaten. But then the dog eats it again. That is like a fool who makes the same mistakes again.

12 Some men think that they are wise. But really, they are not. Silly fools are better than those men.

13 A lazy man does not go out of the house. He says that there is a lion in the street.

14 A lazy person turns over in bed. A door opens and closes. And he is like that door.

15 A lazy man puts his hand into his food. But then he is too tired to put the food into his own mouth.

16 A wise man can give a good answer to any question. But a lazy person thinks that he is wiser than 7 wise men.

17 Only a fool speaks in a quarrel among strangers. He is like someone who holds on to the ears of a dog.

18-19 A man may tell lies and then laugh about it. Do not listen to him. He is like a man who shoots everywhere with arrows. He is like a man who throws burning sticks about.

20 Without wood, a fire goes out. When nobody argues about other people, quarrels stop.

21 With wood, a fire continues to burn. In the same way, a man who causes trouble causes a quarrel to continue.

22 To say bad things about other people is like when you eat nice food.

23 Nice words from a bad man are like a cheap pot that shines.

24 A man who hates somebody can speak good words. But he is speaking lies. And nobody knows what he is really thinking.

25 The words of a bad man may seem good. But do not believe him, because there are 7 sins in his mind.

26 He may hide his sin. But everyone will see the bad things that he does.

27 If a man digs a very deep hole, he will fall into it. If a man rolls a stone, it will roll back on him.

28 If you tell lies about someone, you hate them. Bad words destroy the man who listens to them.