Proverbs 25

More of Solomon's proverbs

1 These are more of Solomon's proverbs. Hezekiah's men wrote them down when Hezekiah was king of Judah.

25:1Some of these proverbs are longer than the proverbs in chapters 10 to 22. Many of them are written down in groups, not one by one.
25:1King Hezekiah lived 250 years after King Solomon.

2 God hides things because he is great. But great kings can explain things.

3 You can never know all the thoughts of a king. They go high above the sky and deep below the earth.

4 If you remove dirt from silver, a worker can use it to make a beautiful thing. 5 In the same way, you should keep wicked people away from the king. Then he will rule in a right way.

6 When you stand in front of the king, do not be proud. Do not stand where the important people stand. 7 Then it will be good if the king says to you, ‘Come and sit up here, near me.’ That would be better than if he sends you away while his officers watch.

8 If you see something bad happen, do not quickly go and tell a judge. Your neighbour may show that you are wrong. Then you will be ashamed. You will not know what to do.

9 If you argue with your neighbour, do not tell his secrets to other people. 10 If you do that, everyone will know about it. Then you will be ashamed for your whole life.

11 A wise word that you speak at the right time is a beautiful thing. It is like a gold apple on a silver plate. 12 When a wise person warns you, that is also a beautiful thing. It is like a gold ear-ring or a gold necklace.

13 When a faithful servant takes a message for his master, his master will have peace in his mind. It will keep him cool, like snow in the middle of summer.

14 Some people promise things, but they never do anything. Those people are like clouds and wind that do not bring any rain.

15 If you are patient, you may make a ruler change his mind. If you speak a quiet word, you can remove a difficult problem.

16 When you find honey, never eat more than you need. If you eat too much, you will become very sick.

17 Do not visit your neighbour's house too often. He may see you too much and he will start to hate you.

18 Some people may tell lies about their neighbour in court. Those people are like dangerous weapons, like sharp swords or arrows.

19 If you are in trouble and you trust someone who is not honest, it will not help you. He will be as useless as a bad tooth or a broken leg.

20 If you sing to a very sad man to make him happy, it only gives him more pain. It is like you are taking away his coat on a cold day, or you are putting vinegar on his wound.

21 If your enemy is hungry, give him something to eat. If he is thirsty, give him some water to drink. 22 If you help him, he will become ashamed, and the Lord will bless you with good things.

23 When the wind blows from the north, it brings rain. In the same way, when somebody tells other people's secrets, it brings anger.

24 It is better to live on the roof of your house than to live with a wife who always argues.

25 If you receive good news from a far away country, it is like cool water when you are tired and thirsty.

26 If you put dirt in a well, its good water becomes bad. It is the same with a righteous person who agrees to do wicked things.

27 It is bad for you to eat too much honey. If you always want people to praise you, it is also bad for you.

28 Somebody who cannot control his anger is in danger. He is like a city that no longer has a strong wall round it.