Proverbs 20

1 When you drink too much alcohol you become loud and silly. And you want to fight people. It is not wise to become a drunk.

2 An angry lion frightens you, so also should an angry king. If you make him angry, it will cause you to die.

3 Any fool can quarrel, but a wise man will not quarrel.

4 A lazy farmer who does not plough his fields in winter will have nothing to eat in the summer.

5 The thoughts of a man are like deep waters. But a wise man understands them.

6 Many men say that they love other people. But there are not many men that you can trust.

7 An honest father does what is right. He has happy children.

8 A king looks at a man. Then he will know if that man is bad.

9 Nobody can say, ‘I have done nothing wrong.’ Nobody can say, ‘I have not sinned.’

10 Some people weigh or measure things in a wrong way. The Lord hates people who are like that.

11 What children do is important. It shows what they are like. And you will know if they are honest and good.

12 The ears are to hear with and the eyes are to see with. The Lord made them both.

13 Too much sleep will make you poor. If you keep awake, you will have plenty of food.

14 A man may buy something at a good price. But he says that the price is too much. He goes away. Then he likes to say that he was really clever. He was clever because he bought something so cheap.

15 Wise words are better than gold or many valuable stones.

16 You should not promise to pay the debts of a stranger. That would be silly. If you do, you might lose your own clothes or your things.

17 You may eat something that is not yours. It may seem good when you taste it. But soon it will seem like sand.

18 Ask for help when you do not know what to do. If you do, you will do well. Do not go to war unless you prepare for it. First ask wise people what you should do.

19 Stay away from people who talk too much. They will tell everybody about your secrets.

20 Do not speak bad words to your parents. If you do, you will soon die. Your life will be like a light that goes out in the dark.

21 The more easily you get rich, the less good it will do to you in the end.

22 Do not say, ‘You have hurt me so I will hurt you.’ The Lord himself will make it right.

23 The Lord hates people who rob customers. It is not good to do that.

24 The Lord decides the way that a man should go. Nobody knows the way that he should go.

25 Be careful before you say a promise to God. You might not be able to do what you promised.

26 A wise king will know who is doing wrong things. He will be angry and he will punish that person very much.

27 The Lord knows the spirit of a man. He knows him completely.

28 A king will continue to live for as long as he rules honestly and fairly. And he will continue to be king while he does the right things.

29 Young men show how strong they are. Grey hair shows that a man is old and wise.

30 Often only pain can cause us to change what we do.