Proverbs 19

1 It is better to be poor and honest,

than to be a fool who speaks lies.

2 If you want to do something but you do not know how to do it,

that is dangerous!

If you hurry to do it, you will get into trouble.

3 Some people do silly things and so they destroy themselves.

Then they get angry with the Lord.

4 Rich people can easily find new friends.

But poor people will easily lose their friends.

5 If you tell lies in court, the judge will certainly punish you.

You will not go free!

6 Many people want an important person to like them.

Everyone wants to be the friend of someone who gives lots of gifts.

7 If someone is poor, all his family hate him.

His friends stay away from him.

Even if he goes to ask them for help,

he cannot find them anywhere.

8 If you learn to be wise,

it shows that you love yourself.

If you understand what is right,

you will do well.

9 If you tell lies in court, the judge will certainly punish you.

That will be the end of you!

10 Fools should not live like rich people.

Even worse, slaves should never have authority over rulers.

11 If someone is wise, he controls his anger.

When anyone hurts him, he is careful to forget it.

12 When the king is angry, he makes people afraid,

like a lion that roars.

But when he is pleased with you,

that is like dew on fresh grass.

13 A foolish child will destroy his father.

A woman who quarrels with her husband is like rain that never stops.

14 Your parents may give you riches and a house to live in.

But only the Lord can give you a wise wife.

15 A lazy person cannot wake up from sleep.

If he does no work, he will always be hungry.

16 If you obey God's commands, you will keep your life safe.

If you do not respect his teaching, you will die.

17 If you are kind to poor people, you are lending money to the Lord.

He will pay back the debt to you.

18 When your children do wrong things,

warn them while you still have the chance.

If you do not punish them,

you are helping them to go to an early death.

19 Anyone who cannot control his anger is always getting into trouble.

If you try to help him once, you will have to do it every time.

20 Accept advice and good teaching.

Then you will become wise one day.

21 You may have lots of ideas about what you want to do.

But it is the Lord's plans that are important.

22 We all want other people to show faithful love.

It is better to be poor than to deceive other people.

23 If you respect and obey the Lord,

you will enjoy life.

You will have peace in your mind

and no trouble will destroy you.

24 A lazy person pushes his hand into his bowl of food.

But then he is too lazy to lift his hand up to his mouth.

25 If you beat a proud fool,

a silly person may learn to be careful.

If you warn a wise person,

he himself will learn a lesson.

26 Anyone who robs his father or chases away his mother

is a bad son who brings shame to his family.

27 My child, never stop learning about what is right.

If you stop learning, you will soon forget what you already know.

28 If someone tells lies in court, he is laughing at justice.

Evil things are food that wicked people love to eat.

29 People who laugh at what is right will receive their punishment.

Fools will be beaten, as they deserve.