Proverbs 19

1 It is better to be poor but honest than to be a fool that speaks lies.

2 Not to know the facts is not good. And if you hurry, you will get into trouble.

3 Some people do silly things and so they destroy themselves. Then they get angry with the Lord.

4 Rich people are always finding new friends. But poor people only have a few friends. And poor people cannot even keep those friends.

5 If you tell lies to an officer he will put you in a prison. A man who tells lies will not be a free man.

6 Many people try to be a friend of an important person because of the gifts that he gives to them.

7 The family of a poor man does not want to know him. His friends do not want to know him. Even if he shouts to them, he cannot find them.

8 It is good for a man to learn all that he can. Remember what you learn. If you do, you will get good things.

9 If you tell lies to an officer he will put you in a prison. A man who tells lies will die.

10 Fools should not live in rich houses and slaves should not rule over sons of kings.

11 A man who speaks wise words is patient. It is good to forget a wrong thing.

12 When the king is angry he makes a noise like a lion. But when he is kind, it is like nice rain.

13 A father loses all his money when his son is a fool. A woman who quarrels with her husband makes him tired. Her words are like rain that never stops.

14 When his parents die a man can receive their house and money. But only the Lord can give him a wise wife.

15 A lazy man sleeps during the day. And that kind of man will be hungry.

16 If you obey God's rules, you will live. If you are careless about them, you will die.

17 To be kind to a poor man is the same as to give money to the Lord. He will give it back to you.

18 When your son is young, do not help him to his death. Punish him until he obeys the rules.

19 Do not help an angry man, because he will get into trouble all the time. If you help him, you will have to do it again and again.

20 If you listen to wise words, you also will be wise at the end of your life.

21 A man may have lots of ideas. But the Lord will do what he wants to do.

22 It is a good thing for a man to be kind. And it is better to be poor than to tell lies.

23 If you are afraid of the Lord, you will live a long life. You will be happy and safe from trouble, even while you are asleep.

24 A lazy man puts his hand into his food. But then he is too lazy to put the food into his own mouth.

25 Punish a fool. So people who do not know any better can learn a lesson. But someone who is wise will learn. He will learn what other people teach him.

26 The man who robs his father is a bad son. And the man who sends his mother away from his home will make her ashamed.

27 Son, listen when someone is teaching you. If you do not, you will soon forget their wise words. And you will soon forget what you have already learnt.

28 Nobody can stop a bad witness telling lies. And bad people love to do wrong things.

29 People will punish someone who laughs about wisdom. And they will hit fools.