Proverbs 18

1 People who are not friendly with other people think only about themselves. They will refuse to listen to what everyone else knows to be right.

2 A fool finds no pleasure in wisdom, but he likes to show his own thoughts and ideas.

3 Sin and shame happen together. And shame means that people do not like you.

4 The words that a wise man speaks are like deep waters. They are like a cool stream.

5 You should not refuse to punish bad people. That would not be good. But do not punish people who have not done anything wrong.

6 When a fool speaks, he starts a quarrel. Then, he will receive punishment.

7 When a fool speaks, he causes trouble for himself. He cannot escape from the results of his own lies.

8 Lies about other people have much interest and often we believe them.

9 A lazy person is like someone who destroys things.

10 The name of the Lord is like a strong building. Good people can run there and then they will be safe.

11 Rich people think that their money makes them safe like high, strong walls round a city.

12 Something will happen to destroy a proud man. But people will like a man who is not proud. They will think that he is great.

13 Listen before you answer. If you do not listen, you are a silly fool.

14 When a man is sick, his spirit helps him. But nobody can live if his spirit is not strong.

15 Wise people are always learning. Wise people always want to listen.

16 If you want to meet a great person, take a gift to him. Then it will be easy.

17 Two men may argue with each other. The first man will seem right until the second man speaks.

18 Two powerful men may argue. Then they can use lots to find the right answer.

19 You may make a brother angry. It will be difficult to become friends with him again. It will be more difficult than it would be to beat the people in a strong city. And it is more difficult to stop quarrels than it is to get into a strong building.

20 You have to live with the result of the words that you speak.

21 Words are able to save life and to cause death. So you must accept the result of what you say.

22 If you find a wife, you find a good thing. It shows that the Lord is good to you.

23 A poor man asks for help, but a rich man replies with angry words.

24 A man with many friends may lose them. But there is a friend who keeps nearer than a brother.