Proverbs 16

1 People make plans in their minds,

but the Lord gives them the right words to say.

2 You may think that everything you do is right,

but the Lord knows exactly why you are doing it.

3 Put your plans in front of the Lord,

so that what you want to do will go well.

4 The Lord causes everything to have its proper result.

Even wicked people will come to bad trouble in the end.

5 The Lord hates everyone who boasts.

Be sure of this: They will receive the punishment that they deserve.

6 If you love the Lord faithfully,

he will forgive your sins.

If you respect and obey him,

you will not do evil things.

7 If you live in a way that pleases the Lord,

even your enemies will become your friends.

8 If you do what is right but you are not rich,

that is better than to be rich because you cheat people.

9 People make plans for what they will do,

but it is the Lord who leads them in the right way.

10 A king speaks with God's authority.

He must judge people in a fair way.

11 The Lord wants people to use true weights and measures.

He knows all the weights that a trader uses.

12 Kings hate all wicked acts,

because justice makes their government strong.

13 Kings are happy to hear honest advice.

They love people who speak true words.

14 Someone may die if the king becomes angry with him.

So a wise person will try to stop the king's anger.

15 If the king smiles at you, your life will go well.

If he is pleased with you, that is like a cloud which gives rain in the spring.

16 It is better to have wisdom than gold or silver.

You should want to understand what is right.

17 Honest people follow a straight road that keeps them away from evil things.

If you want to keep your life safe, watch where you are going.

18 If you are proud, you will soon come to an end.

Anyone who boasts will soon fall down.

19 You may be humble and have poor people as your friends.

But that is better than if you have proud friends

who give you things that they have robbed from others.

20 If you listen carefully to good teaching, you will do well.

If you trust in the Lord, you are in a happy place.

21 If you have wise thoughts,

people will say that you know what is right.

If you speak kind words,

people will accept your teaching.

22 Wisdom is like a spring of fresh water that gives life to those who have it.

But the silly things that fools do brings them punishment.

23 Wise people think carefully and they speak wise words.

Then other people will accept their teaching.

24 Kind words are as sweet as honey.

They also bring health and strength.

25 You may think that you are on a good, straight road.

But in the end, that road may lead you to death.

26 When a worker feels hungry, it causes him to work more.

So it helps him to get food to eat.

27 Wicked people look for ways to hurt other people.

The cruel things that they say are like flames of fire.

28 People who tell lies cause arguments.

If you tell people's secrets, you will lose all your friends.

29 Violent people deceive their friends.

They lead their friends to do wrong things.

30 If someone sends secret messages with his eyes,

he has a plan to hurt someone.

If he squeezes his lips together,

he is ready to do an evil thing.

31 Grey hair is like a beautiful crown on your head!

People who live in a righteous way may wear it.

32 A person who is patient is better than a brave soldier.

If you can control your anger, you can win any battle.

33 People throw dice to choose what is right.

But it is the Lord who decides the answer.