Proverbs 16

1 We may have good ideas. But only the Lord can help you to say the right thing.

2 Whatever you do may be right in your own mind. But the Lord knows why a man wants to do things.

3 If you bring your ideas to the Lord, he will help you to do them well.

4 The Lord has created everything for his purpose. And the purpose of bad people is death.

5 Some people think that they are great. The Lord hates them and he will punish them always.

6 God will cover your sins if you are kind and honest. And if you are afraid of the Lord, you will turn away from bad things.

7 When you give pleasure to the Lord, God will make even your enemies into your friends.

8 It is better to be poor and good than to get rich and not to be fair.

9 You may have your ideas. But it is the Lord who leads you.

10 The king speaks with authority from God. He will be a good judge.

11 The Lord wants people to be honest when they weigh anything. And he wants people to be honest when they measure anything. He wants those people who sell things to be fair.

12 Kings hate to do wrong things. When a king does the right things, he becomes strong.

13 Kings like to hear honest words. They will love those people who speak true words.

14 If the king becomes angry, someone may die. So a wise man will try to make the king happy.

15 When the king smiles, it means life. It is like a cloud that gives rain in the spring.

16 It is better to become wise than to get gold. It is better than to have a lot of silver.

17 A good man keeps away from what is bad. So watch where you are going. It may keep your life safe.

18 A man may think that he is great. He will really destroy himself in the end. A man may think that he is better than everyone else. A man like that will soon fall.

19 A man may think that he is great. So he robs other people. You should not receive any of those things when he gives them out. It is better not to have those things and to live among poor people. It is better to think that you are not important.

20 If you listen to good words, you will do well. A man who trusts the Lord is happy.

21 A wise man understands many things. So people call him a clever man. It is easy to learn when the words are nice.

22 For a wise man, wisdom is like the water that gives life. But fools cause their own punishment because they are silly.

23 Wise people think before they speak. What they say helps other people to learn.

24 Honey is sweet to taste and it is good for your health. Kind words are like that.

25 There is a way that seems right to a man. But, in the end, it causes his death.

26 It is not a bad thing when a worker feels hungry. It causes him to work more.

27 Bad people look for ways to hurt other people, and even their words are like a fire.

28 A bad man causes quarrels. And the careless words of a man can cause friends to be separate.

29 A cruel man causes those near to him to believe false things. And he causes them to do wrong things.

30 A man may close one eye when he looks at you. Or he may move his lips in a strange way. Be careful, because he may be thinking about something bad.

31 Long life is a gift to good people. Grey hair is like the beautiful thing that kings wear on their heads.

32 A patient man does not become angry quickly. He is better than a strong man. A man like that is better than a soldier who beats the enemies in a city.

33 People use lots to choose the right thing. But the Lord causes the result.