Proverbs 15

1 A person stops being angry when people answer him kindly. But a cruel word makes a person angry.

2 When wise people speak, other people want to learn from them. But fools say many silly things.

3 The Lord sees what happens everywhere. He is watching everyone – whether they are good or bad.

4 Kind words cause life for other people. But words that are not honest make you sad.

5 A fool hates his father's rules and punishment. But a wise son listens to him and learns.

6 Good people have many valuable things in their house. But the valuable things of bad people cause them trouble.

7 It is wise people, not fools, who teach wise words.

8 The Lord hates the animals that bad people give to him. But it gives pleasure to the Lord when good people pray.

9 The Lord hates the way of bad people. But he loves the way of good people.

10 If you do wrong things, you will receive punishment. Someone may tell you that you are doing wrong things. If you hate that, you will die.

11 Death and the things that destroy people lie open in front of the Lord. Even more open to him are the secret thoughts of men.

12 Some people laugh about wise words. A man like that does not love someone who says to him, ‘You are doing wrong things.’ He will not go to wise people.

13 When people are happy, they smile. But when they feel sad inside themselves, their spirit is in trouble. They seem to lose their love of life.

14 Wise people want to learn. But silly people want to know about silly things.

15 All the days of poor people are sad. But happy people enjoy life.

16 You may be poor but you obey the Lord. That is better than if you are rich and in trouble.

17 It is good to eat vegetables with people that you love. That is better than to eat good meat with people who hate you.

18 Angry people cause quarrels, but patient people cause everything to be quiet.

19 If you are lazy, you will find difficulty everywhere. But if you are honest, everything will be easy.

20 A wise son makes his father happy. But a silly man thinks that his mother is silly.

21 Fools are happy when they do silly things. But wise people will do what is right.

22 Good ideas become like nothing without the wise words of many people to help. But if you listen to those wise words, you will win.

23 When you hear the right word at the right time, it makes you happy.

24 A wise man walks a path that causes him to have life, not death.

25 The Lord will destroy the homes of bad men. But he keeps valuable things safe on behalf of women without husbands.

26 The Lord hates bad thoughts, but friendly words give him pleasure.

27 A man may want to get a lot of money in ways that are not honest. A man like that causes trouble for his family. But a man who refuses to speak false words for money will keep himself alive.

28 Good people think before they answer. Bad people answer quickly, but the answer causes trouble.

29 The Lord does not listen to bad people. But when good people pray, he does listen.

30 A face that smiles makes you happy. Good news makes you feel better.

31 You can tell some men that they have done wrong things. Your words could save their life. If they listen to you, they will live among wise men.

32 Some men hate punishment. But a man like that really thinks that his own life is not important. But another man wants to learn and he obeys wise words. That man becomes wise.

33 When a man is afraid of the Lord, it teaches him to be wise. And some people do not think that they are great. But other people will say that they are great.