Proverbs 15

1 If you answer people in a kind way, it stops them being angry.

But if you say cruel things, it makes people angry.

2 When wise people speak, they show that knowledge is good.

But when fools speak, they only say foolish things.

3 The Lord sees what happens everywhere.

He is watching what evil people do, and good people too.

4 Kind words are like the fruit of a tree that gives life.

But words that are not honest make people sad and weak.

5 A fool hates his father's rules.

But a wise child learns when his father warns him.

6 Righteous people have many valuable things in their homes.

But the riches of wicked people bring trouble to them.

7 When wise people speak, they give knowledge,

but the minds of fools have nothing to give.

8 When wicked people offer sacrifices to the Lord, he hates it.

But he is pleased when good people pray to him.

9 The Lord hates the way that wicked people live.

But he loves people who want to do what is right.

10 If you leave God's way, you will receive strong punishment.

When people warn you, accept it or you will die.

11 The Lord sees clearly into the deep hole of death.

So you can be sure that he knows people's secret thoughts.

12 Proud people do not like it when someone warns them.

They will not ask wise people to give them advice.

13 When someone is happy, their face smiles.

But when someone is sad, their spirit hurts.

14 Wise people want to learn more.

But fools only want to know useless things.

15 Every day is difficult, if you have trouble in your mind.

But if you are happy, every day is like a feast.

16 You may be poor, but you respect and obey the Lord.

That is better than if you are very rich, but you have a lot of trouble.

17 It is better to eat vegetables with people who love each other

than to eat good meat with people who hate each other.

18 Angry people bring quarrels,

but patient people bring peace.

19 A lazy person always has problems,

as if he is walking through thorn bushes.

But an honest person walks on a straight road through life.

20 A wise child makes his father happy.

But a foolish person does not respect his mother.

21 Stupid people are happy when they do foolish things.

But wise people walk on a straight path.

22 Without good advice, your ideas will never happen.

But you will do well if you have many advisors.

23 It makes you happy when you give a good answer to a question.

It is good when you find the right thing to say at the right time.

24 A wise person walks on a path that leads him up to a long life.

He keeps away from the path that would lead him down to death.

25 The Lord destroys the homes of proud men.

But he keeps the land of widows safe.

26 The Lord hates the thoughts of wicked people.

But kind words please him.

27 Anyone who cheats people to become rich

will cause trouble for his family.

But anyone who refuses to accept bribes

will live safely.

28 Righteous people think carefully before they answer someone.

But when wicked people speak, the result is only trouble.

29 The Lord does not answer the prayers of wicked people.

But when righteous people pray, he listens.

30 If someone smiles at you, it makes you happy.

Good news makes you feel strong.

31 If anyone accepts teaching that helps him to live in a good way,

he becomes a friend of wise people.

32 If you refuse to accept it when people warn you,

you are hurting yourself.

But if you agree to listen,

you will learn to do what is right.

33 If you respect and obey the Lord,

that will teach you wisdom.

If you want to receive honour,

first learn to be humble.