Proverbs 14

1 Every wise woman makes her home strong.

But a foolish woman destroys her home with her own hands.

2 An honest person respects and obeys the Lord.

But anyone who deceives other people shows that he does not respect the Lord.

3 When fools boast, they bring punishment on themselves.

But the words of wise people keep them safe.

4 When a farmer has no oxen to plough his fields,

he does not have to feed them.

But he needs strong oxen to grow plenty of crops.

5 A faithful person will not tell lies in court.

But someone who says false things, always deceives.

6 If you only pretend that you want wisdom, you will not find it.

But if you are careful, you will easily understand what is right.

7 Stay away from foolish people.

They will stop you from learning anything that is wise.

8 A careful person understands what is right and he does it.

But a foolish person's silly thoughts deceive him.

9 Fools think that they do not need to do anything about their sins.

But God is pleased with people who do what is right.

10 When you are upset, you yourself know how sad you are.

No one else can know what you are feeling, sad or happy.

11 A wicked person's home will come to an end.

But the home of a good person will continue to be strong.

12 You may think that you are on a good, straight road.

But in the end, that road may lead you to death.

13 Somebody may be upset, even when he is laughing.

After his joy has gone, he will still be sad.

14 If someone turns away from what is right,

he will receive the punishment that he deserves.

But good people will receive the good things that they deserve.

15 A silly person will believe anything.

But a careful person will think before he does anything.

16 A wise person is careful to keep away from trouble.

But a fool is careless and he thinks that he is always right.

17 A person who quickly becomes angry does silly things.

And people hate anyone with cruel ideas.

18 Silly people do foolish things, and they receive what they deserve.

But wise people receive honour for their knowledge.

19 Evil people will respect good people.

Wicked people will ask righteous people to be kind to them.

20 Even the neighbours of poor people do not like them.

But rich people have many friends.

21 It is a sin if you do not respect your neighbour.

But if you are kind to helpless people, God will bless you.

22 People who want to do evil things have lost their way.

But those who want to do good things show faithful love.

23 If you work hard, something good will come.

But if you only talk about it, you will become poor.

24 For wise people, their riches are like a crown of honour.

But fools only work to get foolish things.

25 Someone who speaks the truth in court may save a life.

But someone who always tells lies deceives everyone.

26 Someone who respects and obeys the Lord knows that he will be safe.

His family also will be in a safe place.

27 If you respect and obey the Lord,

that is like a spring of water that gives you life.

It will keep you safe from death's traps.

28 A king who rules many people will receive great honour.

But a ruler with only a few people will have nothing in the end.

29 A patient man shows that he understands what is right.

But someone who quickly becomes angry shows that he is foolish.

30 If you have peace in your mind, your body will be healthy.

But if you are jealous, it will eat away your body.

31 If you are cruel to poor people,

you are insulting God who created them.

But if you are kind to helpless people,

it shows that you respect God.

32 When wicked people are in trouble, they cannot stand.

But righteous people still trust God,

even when they are in danger of death.

33 People who understand what is right have true wisdom.

Even fools may sometimes show wisdom.

14:33Or: ‘Fools do not know anything about wisdom.’

34 A nation will receive honour when its people do what is right.

But sin will bring shame on its people.

35 A king will be pleased with a wise servant.

But he will be angry with any servant who brings shame.