Proverbs 13

1 A wise son listens to his father's teaching.

But if you tell a proud person that he is wrong, he will not listen.

2 If you say kind words, you will eat good things.

But wicked people only want to be cruel.

3 Someone who thinks before he speaks will keep his life safe.

But someone who talks too much will destroy himself.

4 A lazy person always wants to have more, but he will not get it.

If a person works hard, he will have more than he needs.

5 Honest people hate anything that is false.

But wicked people do things that bring them shame.

6 When honest people do what is right, it keeps them safe.

But when sinners do evil things, it destroys them.

7 Somebody who has nothing may still pretend to be rich.

Somebody else may pretend to be poor, but he is very rich.

8 A rich person may have to use his money to save his life.

But poor people do not have that problem.

9 Righteous people have joy that shines like a bright light.

But wicked people have a light that will quickly go out.

10 A person who boasts only causes trouble.

But if you accept good advice, it shows that you are wise.

11 If you try to get money quickly, you will not stay rich for long.

But if you are patient, you will become rich little by little.

12 When you do not receive the things that you hope for, it makes you sad.

But when you receive what you have always wanted, you are very happy.

13 If you do not accept good teaching, you will destroy yourself.

If you accept good advice, it will help you to do well.

14 The teaching of wise people is like a spring of water that gives life.

It will keep you away from death's dangerous traps.

15 People respect a person who has wise thoughts.

But the way that wicked people live destroys them.

16 Careful people need to understand what they are doing.

But a fool quickly shows how foolish he is.

17 If you send a message with a wicked person, he will cause trouble.

But if you send someone that you can trust, he will bring peace.

18 Anyone who turns away from good teaching will become poor and ashamed.

But if you accept advice when you do something wrong, people will respect you.

19 It is very nice to receive the things that you want.

But foolish people refuse to stop doing evil things.

20 If you have wise people as your friends, you will become wise yourself.

But if you have foolish friends, you will hurt yourself.

21 Trouble chases sinners and it catches them.

But righteous people will receive good things.

22 When a good person dies, he leaves good things for his grandchildren.

But a sinner's riches will belong to righteous people in the end.

23 Even a poor man's field may give him enough food.

But he loses it because wicked people rob him.

24 If you do not punish your child, you show that you hate him.

If you really love your child, you will punish him when he does something wrong.

25 Righteous people have plenty of food to eat.

But wicked people have an empty stomach.