Proverbs 12

1 Some people like to know things. And they want to know when they are wrong. But fools do not want to know when they are wrong. They hate it when someone tells this to them.

2 Good people give pleasure to the Lord. But he punishes those who make plans to do bad things.

3 A man who is bad will never be safe. But good people will never need to be afraid.

4 A good wife gives pleasure to her husband and she makes him happy. But a bad wife makes her husband ashamed. She causes him to be like a man who has weak bones.

5 The plans of honest people are fair. But bad people only want you to believe the false things that they say.

6 The words of very bad people can cause murder. But the words of good people can save lives.

7 Bad men will die and they will not have any children. But the families of good men will live.

8 People speak well about a wise man, but they do not listen to a fool.

9 A man may let people think that he is important. But this same man may not have enough food to eat. It is bad to be a man like that. People may think that another man is not important. But, if that man has a servant, it is better to be a man like that.

10 Good people are kind to their animals. But very bad people are always cruel.

11 A farmer who does much work has plenty to eat. But a fool wastes time on dreams.

12 Bad people look for bad things to do. But good people do well in everything that they do.

13 The words of bad men get them into trouble. But a good man will get out of trouble.

14 When you say all things well, you will get many good things. And when you do all things well, people will give you many good things.

15 The way of a fool seems right to him. But wise people listen to words that help them.

16 A fool lets people know when he is angry. But it is not easy to make a wise man angry.

17 You can believe a man who usually speaks true words. But you cannot believe a man who speaks lies.

18 Careless words can cut like a sharp knife. But to speak wise words can make people well.

19 A false word continues for only a short time. But true words continue for all time.

20 Those people who are bad decide to do bad things. But those people who help other people to live without trouble will be happy.

21 Nothing bad will happen to good people. But nothing but trouble will happen to bad people.

22 The Lord hates people who speak false words. But it gives him pleasure when people are fair to other people.

23 Wise men keep quiet about what they know. But fools shout out silly words.

24 Much work will give you power. But if you are lazy, you will become a servant.

25 If you are afraid, you will not be happy. But kind words will make you happy.

26 A good man is like a guide to his friend. But bad people are like someone who has gone on to the wrong path.

27 The lazy man does not cook the animals that he caught. But another man works well. His good things are very important to him.

28 Good men are like men who follow the road to life. Along that path, there is no death.