Proverbs 12

1 Do you want to know the right way to live?

Then you must accept it when people warn you that you have done something wrong.

Only stupid people hate it when people warn them.

2 The Lord helps good people.

But he punishes people who want to do evil things.

3 No one can use wicked things to make himself safe.

But a righteous person has strong roots.

4 A good wife will bring honour to her husband, like a crown.

But a wife who brings shame to her husband will take away his strength.

5 Righteous people want to do things that are right.

But do not trust the advice of wicked people.

6 The words of wicked people are like a trap that will kill good people.

But the words of honest people will save people's lives.

7 Wicked people soon come to an end and they disappear.

But the families of righteous people will continue to be strong.

8 People will praise a wise person, as much as his wisdom deserves.

But no one will respect a person who is stupid.

9 It is better to be a humble person who has a servant

than a proud person who has no food to eat.

10 Righteous people take care of their animals.

But wicked people are cruel even when they think they are kind.

11 A farmer who works hard will have plenty of food to eat.

But anyone who works only on useless things is foolish.

12 Wicked people want to take the things that other bad people have.

But righteous people remain strong, with deep roots.

13 The lies of evil people put them in trouble.

But righteous people escape from trouble.

14 If you say good things, you will receive good things that make you happy.

You will receive what you deserve from the things that you do.

15 Foolish people always do what seems right to them.

But wise people listen to advice from others.

16 When a fool becomes angry, everybody knows it!

But a careful person keeps quiet when someone insults him.

17 Honest people speak the truth in court.

But a person who tells lies never says what is true.

18 If you speak in a careless way, you may hurt other people.

But when wise people speak, it makes people feel well.

19 True words continue to be true for ever.

But people quickly see that lies are lies.

20 Someone who wants to cause trouble has a mind that is full of lies.

But someone who wants to bring peace has a mind that is full of joy.

21 Trouble keeps away from righteous people.

But wicked people have trouble all the time.

22 The Lord hates people who tell lies.

But he is pleased with people who do what they promise to do.

23 Careful people keep quiet about how much they know.

But foolish people show everyone how silly they are.

24 If you work hard, you will become a leader.

But if you are lazy, you will become a slave.

25 If you worry all the time, it will make you sad.

But kind words will make you happy.

26 A righteous person gives good advice to his friends.

But wicked people are always taking the wrong path.

27 A lazy person does not cook the animals that he has caught.

But if you work hard, you will enjoy many valuable things.

28 If you do what is right, you will find true life.

Along that path, there is no death.