Philippians 2:1-11

Be more like Christ

1 You belong to Christ, and he makes you brave. His love makes you strong. You are able to help one another because his Spirit is in you. You can be kind to each other, and you can forgive each other. 2 Because of that, this is how you can make me completely happy: In your mind, think about things in the same way as one another. Love one another completely. In your spirit, agree with one another. And work together for the same purpose. 3 In the way that you live, do not just try to help yourself. Do not be proud. Instead, respect other people. Think about other people as more important than yourself. 4 Do not think only about the things that you want to do for yourself. Each of you should think also about how you can help other people.

5 You should think about things in the same way that Christ Jesus thought:

6 Christ had the same nature as God.

He was completely equal with God.

But he did not try to keep hold of that.

7 Instead, he chose to leave heaven.

He took for himself the nature of a slave.

He became like a human.

8 And when he lived as a man,

he made himself even less important.

He obeyed God completely, so that he died.

He even died on a cross!

2:8People were fixed to a cross to die when they were guilty of doing a very bad thing. Christ agreed to die like that, but he had not done any wrong thing.

9 Because of that, God then raised Jesus Christ to the most important place.

God gave him the name that is greater than every other name.

10 As a result, when people hear Jesus' name, they must worship him.

Everyone will have to go down on their knees in front of him.

That includes everything that is in heaven,

everything on the earth and everything under the earth.

11 Everyone will have to agree that Jesus Christ is Lord.

When they say that aloud, they will show that God the Father is very great.

2:11Verses 6-11 may have been a song that Paul knew.