About Paul's letter to the Philippians

Paul wrote this letter while he was in a prison at Rome. Rome is the capital city of the country that we now call Italy. At that time, the king of Rome (Caesar) was very powerful and he ruled many countries. We think that Paul wrote this letter about the year AD 62. That was 30 years after Jesus died. At that time, Philippi was an important city in Macedonia (the north part of Greece).
Paul first visited Philippi about 12 years before he wrote this letter. He went there to teach the people about Jesus Christ. Some people there became angry about the things that Paul was doing. So they put Paul in prison. See Acts 16:11-40. We think that Paul visited Philippi again after that. He may have gone there several times.
In this letter, Paul tells the Christians that they are his special friends. Like Paul, they are Christ's servants. So, because they also work for Christ, they help Paul to be stronger for Christ. Paul loves Christ. Christ is much, much more important to him than anything else is. The purpose of Paul's life is to tell people about Christ.
Christ obeyed God completely and he died on our behalf. Paul wants the Christians at Philippi to obey God completely too. He wants them to be like Christ. Paul is afraid that they might listen to false teachers. The false teachers were teaching wrong ideas. Paul wants the Christians to do things that make God happy. They must continue to trust God. They must continue to obey God, even when other people cause them to have trouble.
Paul thanks the Christians at Philippi for the gifts that they had sent to him. He tells them that he will send Timothy and Epaphroditus to Philippi. These men will tell all the news about Paul to the Christians there.