About the Book of Obadiah

The book called Obadiah is in the Old Testament. The events in the Old Testament happened during a long time. All that time, there were many wars between the Israelites and the people from Edom. Genesis 27 and Numbers 20:14-21 tell us why these wars happened.
God gives to Obadiah a message for the Israelites. He does this just after people from Babylon have destroyed Jerusalem. People from Edom helped those people from Babylon. So God is angry with the people from Edom. And he warns them that he is angry. He warns them in this message that God gives to Obadiah. In the message, God also tells the Israelites that he remembers them. And he remembers what the people from Edom did. God tells the Israelites that he will punish the people from Edom.