Numbers 33

33:0This chapter mentions 40 places where the Israelites camped on their journey from Egypt to Moab. It does not include all the places that the Book of Exodus describes.

1 This is the way that the Israelites travelled, after Moses and Aaron led them out of Egypt. They travelled in their family groups. 2 The Lord told Moses that he should write about the journey. These are the places where they camped on the way:

3 They left Rameses in Egypt on the 15th day of the first month. That was the day after the Passover meal. The Israelites marched out bravely, while all the Egyptian people watched them. 4 As they left, the Egyptians were burying all their firstborn sons, because the Lord had killed them. The Lord had shown his power over the Egyptians' gods.

5 They left Rameses and they travelled to Succoth. They camped there.

6 They travelled from Succoth to Etham. They camped there, on the edge of the desert.

7 They travelled from Etham and they turned round to go to Pi-Hahiroth, which is east of Baal-Zephon. They camped near Migdol.

8 They travelled from Pi-Hahiroth. They went through the middle of the sea and then went into the desert. They travelled for three days and then they camped at Marah, in Etham desert.

9 They travelled from Marah to Elim. At Elim, there were 12 wells of water and 70 palm trees. They camped there.

10 They travelled from Elim and they camped by the side of the Red Sea.

11 They travelled from the Red Sea. And they camped in the Sin desert.

12 They travelled from the Sin desert and they camped at Dophkah.

13 They travelled from Dophkah and they camped at Alush.

14 They travelled from Alush and they camped at Rephidim. There was no water there for the people to drink.

15 They travelled from Rephidim and they camped in the Sinai desert.

16 They travelled from the Sinai desert and they camped at Kibroth-Hattaavah.

17 They travelled from Kibroth-Hattaavah and they camped at Hazeroth.

18 They travelled from Hazeroth and they camped at Rithmah.

19 They travelled from Rithmah and they camped at Rimmon-Perez.

20 They travelled from Rimmon-Perez and they camped at Libnah.

21 They travelled from Libnah and they camped at Rissah.

22 They travelled from Rissah and they camped at Kehelathah.

23 They travelled from Kehelathah and they camped at Shepher mountain.

24 They travelled from Shepher mountain and they camped at Haradah.

25 They travelled from Haradah and they camped at Makheloth.

26 They travelled from Makheloth and they camped at Tahath.

27 They travelled from Tahath and they camped at Terah.

28 They travelled from Terah and they camped at Mithcah.

29 They travelled from Mithcah and they camped at Hashmonah.

30 They travelled from Hashmonah and they camped at Moseroth.

31 They travelled from Moseroth and they camped at Bene-Jaakan.

32 They travelled from Bene-Jaakan and they camped at Hor-Haggidgad.

33 They travelled from Hor-Haggidgad and they camped at Jotbathah.

34 They travelled from Jotbathah and they camped at Abronah.

35 They travelled from Abronah and they camped at Ezion-Geber.

36 They travelled from Ezion-Geber and they camped at Kadesh in the Zin desert.

37 They travelled from Kadesh and they camped at Hor mountain. It is on the border of Edom land.

38 The Lord told Aaron that he must go up Hor mountain. Aaron went up and he died there. That was in the 40th year after the Israelites had left Egypt. He died on the first day of the fifth month. 39 Aaron was 123 years old when he died on Hor mountain.

40 The king of Arad lived in the south part of Canaan land. People told him that the Israelites were coming.

41 The Israelites travelled from Hor mountain and they camped at Zalmonah.

42 They travelled from Zalmonah and they camped at Punon.

43 They travelled from Punon and they camped at Oboth.

44 They travelled from Oboth and they camped at Iye-Abarim, on the border of Moab land.

45 They travelled from Iye-Abarim and they camped at Dibon-Gad.

46 They travelled from Dibon-Gad and they camped at Almon-Diblathaim.

47 They travelled from Almon-Diblathaim and they camped in the mountains of Abarim, near Nebo.

48 They travelled from the mountains of Abarim and they camped in Moab beside the River Jordan. They were on the other side of the river from Jericho city.

49 They camped on the flat ground beside the river. Their tents covered the ground from Beth-Jeshimoth to Abel-Shittim.

50 Then the Lord spoke to Moses there in Moab beside the River Jordan. Jericho was on the other side of the river. The Lord said, 51 ‘Say to the Israelites, “You will cross over the River Jordan and you will go into Canaan land. 52 Then you must chase out all the people who live in that country. You must destroy all their idols that are made from wood or stone. Also destroy the altars where they worship their false gods. 53 I have given this land to you to live in. So you must win power over the people who live there now. 54 You must use lots to choose how to give part of the land to each family. You must give more land to the larger clans and you must give less land to the smaller clans. The lots will decide which piece of land belongs to each family. Each of your ancestors' tribes will get its own part of the land.

55 If any Canaanites remain in the land, they will bring trouble and pain to the Israelites. So you must chase them all away. 56 If you do not do that, I will punish you in the way that I wanted to punish them.” ’