Numbers 29:7-11

The Day of Atonement

7 On the tenth day of the seventh month, you must come together for a holy meeting. During that day, you must make yourselves humble. And you must not do any work. 8 You must offer a burnt offering to the Lord. The smell of the smoke will make the Lord happy. Offer one young bull, one male sheep and 7 male lambs that are one year old. The animals must not have anything wrong with them. 9 Offer to me the proper grain offering with each animal. Mix together 3 kilos of the best flour with olive oil. Offer it to me with the young bull. Offer 2 kilos of flour with oil with the male sheep. 10 Offer 1 kilo of flour with oil with each lamb. 11 Also offer one male goat as a sin offering. Give these gifts as well as the burnt offering, the grain offerings and the drink offerings that you give each day and each month.