Numbers 28:26-31

The Festival of Weeks

26 The day when you offer to the Lord the first part of the harvest must also be a holy day. That is also the day when you give to the Lord an offering of new grain. That is the Festival of Weeks. All the people must meet together. You must not work at your jobs on that day. 27 And you must give a burnt offering to the Lord. The offering must be two young bulls, one male sheep and seven male lambs that are one year old. The smell of the smoke from these sacrifices will make the Lord happy. 28 Mix together 3 kilograms of the best flour and olive oil. Offer that with each bull. With the male sheep, offer 2 kilograms of flour with oil. 29 With each of the seven lambs, you must offer one kilogram of flour that you have mixed with oil. 30 You must also offer one male goat to remove your sins. 31 You must still give the regular burnt offering with the proper grain offering. You must give them with the proper drink offerings. The animals must not have anything wrong with them.