Numbers 24:20-25

Balaam's final messages from God

20 Then, in his vision, Balaam saw the Amalekites. He said, ‘Amalek was the most powerful of all the nations. God will destroy it now and for ever.’ 21 Then Balaam saw the Kenites. He spoke this message: ‘The place where you live seems strong and safe, high up among the rocks. 22 But Assyria's army will attack you. They will take you away as prisoners.’

23 Then Balaam spoke this message: ‘It is very bad for you! Nobody can live when God does these things! 24 Ships will come from the coast of Cyprus island. Their soldiers will attack Assyria and Eber. Then God will destroy them too.’

25 After he spoke those messages, Balaam returned to his home. King Balak also left that place.