Numbers 24:15-19

Balaam's fourth message from God

15 Then Balaam spoke this message from God. He said, ‘This is the message of Balaam, the son of Beor. It is the message of a man who sees clearly. 16 It is the message of a man who hears God's words. The Most High God has shown me things that only he knows. I am a man who sees a vision that God Almighty has shown to him. I lie down on the ground, but my eyes are open! I see this:

17 I see a king who will come from among the Israelites. He will not come now, but at a future time. He will appear as king, like a bright star. He will knock down the leaders of Moab. He will destroy the descendants of Sheth. 18 He will win against his enemies in Edom and Seir. The Israelites will become stronger.

24:17‘Sheth’ or ‘Seth’.

19 A descendant of Jacob will become their ruler. He will destroy all the people who are still alive in the city.’