Numbers 24

Balaam's third message from God

1 Now Balaam knew that the LORD wanted him to bless the Israelites. So he stopped looking for ways to change this. He looked over the desert. 2 Balaam looked up. And he saw Israel's people. They were camping tribe by tribe. And the Spirit of God came upon him. 3 And so he said, ‘This is the message of Balaam the son of Beor. It is the words of a man. This man understands what God says. 4 This man can hear God. This man sees a picture as in a dream from the greatest God.

5 The tents of the Israelites are beautiful.

6 They are like gardens on the side of a river. They are like plants that the LORD puts in the ground. They are like trees at the side of the water.

7 They will always have plenty of water to plant their seeds. Their king will be more powerful than Agag. God will bless their land.

8 God brought them out of Egypt. God fights for them like a wild bull with its dangerous horns. He will destroy the nations who are their enemies. And he will break their enemies' bones into pieces. And he will make holes in their bodies with his arrows.

9 The Israelites are like a lion. When they are sleeping, no other person is brave enough to wake them. God blesses those who bless them. And God curses those who curse them.’

10 Balak was angry with Balaam. He raised his fist to Balaam. He said, ‘I asked you to come here and to curse the Israelites. You have blessed them three times. 11 Go home. I said that I would give you money. The LORD has not let you get my money.’

12 Balaam said to Balak, ‘I said this to the men that you sent to get me. 13 “I can only say the LORD's words. I cannot do good things or bad things because I want to do them. I will only say what the LORD is saying. Even if Balak gives to me his house full of silver and gold, I cannot do anything different.” 14 And so now I will return to my people. But first I will tell you what these people will do to your people in future days.’

Balaam's fourth message from God

24:15Verses 15-19 are about Balaam's 4th prophecy.

15 Balaam spoke and he said, ‘This is the message of Balaam the son of Beor. It is the words of a man. This man understands what God says. 16 This is the prophecy of a man who hears the words of God. This man knows some things that the Most High God knows. This man sees a vision from the most powerful God. I fall to the ground in front of him but my eyes are still open.

17 I see that at a future time a king will come from the Israelites. He will be like a bright star. He will attack the leaders of Moab. He will attack the people who were born from Sheth (Seth).

18 He will attack his enemies in Edom and Seir. The Israelites will grow strong.

19 A descendant of Jacob will have power. And he will kill all the people who are still alive in the city.’

Balaam's final messages from God

24:20Verses 20-25 are about Balaam's last prophecy.

20 Then, in the dream picture, Balaam saw Amalek. He said, ‘Amalek was the most powerful of all the countries. God will destroy it now and for always.’ 21 Then he saw the Kenites. He said, ‘The place where you live is safe. It is as safe as the home of a bird on the side of a rock. 22 But Assyria's people will take you away as prisoners.’

23 Then Balaam said, ‘Almost nobody can live when God does these things! 24 Ships will come from the north. They will bring people from Cyprus who will destroy Assyria and Eber. Then God will destroy them.’ 25 Balaam returned to his home. And Balak went away too.