Numbers 1:47-54

The tribe of Levi

47 But Moses and Aaron did not count the descendants of Levi among the other tribes. 48 The Lord had said to Moses, 49 ‘You must not count the tribe of Levi. You must not put the Levites on the list with the other Israelites. 50 The Levites' work will be in the special Tent of Meeting. They must take care of the Tent and everything that is in it. They must carry it everywhere. Their work is with all those things. They must put their own tents round the special Tent. 51 When the people move to another place, the Levites must pack the Tent. When the people arrive at a new place, the Levites must put the Tent up again. If any other person, not a Levite, comes near to the special Tent, they must die.

52 All the other Israelites must put up their tents in groups. Each man must live among his own group. Each group must put up its own flag. 53 But the Levites must put up their tents around the Tent of Meeting. They must take care of it. Then I, the Lord, will not be angry with the people.’

54 The Israelites did everything that the Lord had told Moses to do.