Micah 6:1-5

God has a quarrel with Israel's people

1 Now listen to what the Lord says:

‘Stand up! Explain in front of the mountains what I want to say.

Speak loud so that the hills can hear your voice.

6:1God wants both the highest and lowest places on earth to hear him speak against his people. He tells Micah to speak as if he is in a court of law. This is a place where people judge what is right and wrong.

2 Listen, you mountains.

Hear this, you strong places that have always been there deep in the earth.

The Lord has a quarrel with Israel's people.

Hear the reasons why the Lord is angry with you, his people.’

3 ‘My people, what bad thing have I done to you?’ God asks.

‘How have I made you tired of me?

Answer me.

4 I brought you out of Egypt.

You were slaves in that country,

but I made you free people.

I sent Moses to lead you,

and Aaron and Miriam with him.

5 My people, please remember the bad things that King Balak of Moab tried to do.

And remember what Balaam, Beor's son, answered him.

6:5King Balak asked Balaam to speak bad words to God's people. He wanted them to have trouble. But God made Balaam speak only good words. (See Numbers 22-24.)

Remember your journey from Shittim to Gilgal.

6:5Shittim was on the east side of the Jordan River. Gilgal was on the west side. The river was very full of water when God's people needed to cross it. So God made a path through the water for them to cross the river. (See Joshua 3-4.)

Then you will remember that I, the Lord, do good things.’