Micah 5:10-15

God wants people to obey him

10 ‘At that time,’ the Lord says, ‘I will take your horses away from you.

I will destroy your chariots.

11 I will destroy the cities in your country.

I will knock down all your strong buildings.

12 You make bad spirits help you.

But I will destroy the things that you use to talk to them.

You will have nobody to tell you about future times.

13 You bend down to worship tall stones and idols.

5:13An idol is a thing that people have made from stone, wood or metal. Then they worship and pray to the idol instead of God.

But I will destroy all of them.

You will stop worshipping things that you have made with your own hands.

14 You worship the false god Asherah,

5:14Asherah was the mother-god of the people called Canaanites. Israel's people took their country from the Canaanites and they lived there. They learned to worship the Canaanites' god, Asherah. They used the poles to worship Asherah. But God had told Israel's people not to worship any other gods.

but I will pull her poles from the ground.

I will even destroy your cities.

15 Also I will punish all the people in other countries who refuse to obey me.

I will show them that I am very angry with them.’