Micah 4:1-5

God's mountain

1 In the last days,

the mountain where the Lord's house is will be the highest mountain.

It will be the most important of all the mountains.

It will be higher than the hills,

and people from many countries will go to it.

2 Many people will speak about it.

‘Come! We will go up to the Lord's mountain,’ they will say.

‘We will go to the Lord's house because he is the God of Jacob's people.

He will teach us what he wants us to do.

He will show us the right way; so then we will be able to obey him.

The Lord will speak his rules from Zion.

He will send out his message from Jerusalem.’

3 He will judge between the people of many nations

When they argue together, he will decide who is right.

He will cause strong nations everywhere to stop fighting each other.

They fight with swords and spears.

4:3A spear is a long piece of wood or metal with a sharp point at the end. Soldiers used spears to fight.

But at that time, they will make their swords into ploughs.

They will make their spears into knives to cut their vines.

Nations will no longer need weapons to fight each other.

They will never prepare to fight wars again.

4 Everyone will sit under his own vine and his own fig tree.

4:4Vines or grapevines are plants that climb. They have small, sweet fruits called grapes.

Nobody will make them afraid any longer.

4:4Micah says that everyone in the world will feel safe and happy at this future time. There will be no more wars, and they will have plenty of food.

The Lord Almighty has promised this.

5 People from other countries may be the servants of other gods.

But we will be servants of the Lord our God.

We will obey him always.