Micah 1:8-16

Micah is sad for the people in Israel and Judah

8 Because of what God has said, I will cry aloud. And I will weep.

I will walk about without shoes or clothes.

I will scream like a wild dog,

and I will cry like a bird in the night.

9 Because Samaria has such bad wounds it can never get well.

And the same will happen also to Judah's people.

The enemies have already reached the gates of my people, that is, Jerusalem itself.

10 Do not talk about this in the city of Gath.

Do not even weep there.

But you people at Beth-Leaphrah,

roll on the ground to show how sad you are.

11 You people who live in Shaphir, go on your way.

Your enemies will not let you wear any clothes while they take you away.

So you will be ashamed.

The people who live in Zaanan will be afraid to leave their city.

The people at Beth-Ezel will cry because nobody comes to help them.

12 The people at Maroth are in pain while they wait.

They were waiting and hoping for something good.

But the Lord sent only something bad.

He brought trouble even to the gates of Jerusalem.

13 You people who live in Lachish, get your chariots and horses ready to go!

You were the first people in Judah to do what is wrong.

You are exactly like Israel's people, because, like them, you refused to obey God.

14 You will need to give gifts to the people in Moresheth Gath,

because they must go away.

The houses in Akzib town will disappoint the kings of Israel.

1:14The kings of Israel will get no help from Akzib town, because enemies will destroy the town.

15 People in Mareshah, I (God) will bring an army against you,

to fight your town. And it will win.

And Israel's leaders will need to hide at Adullam.

1:15Verses 10-15 In these verses, Micah says the names of towns and villages near his home, Moresheth Gath. Enemies from another country will come and fight against them. These verses may tell how Assyria's people attacked Judah's people in the year 701 BC.

16 People in Judah, cut off all your hair.

1:16In those days, people often cut off all their hair to show that they were very sad.

Make yourselves bald like vultures,

1:16Vultures are large birds with bald heads.

because you will be very sad.

Your enemies will take your children away.

They will take your children, whom you love so much, away to another country!