About the Book of Micah

God told Micah to speak to Israel's people (the Jewish people). Micah was a prophet because he spoke messages from God. He lived a long time before Jesus lived on this earth. He spoke God's messages between about 740 BC and 686 BC. The prophet Isaiah also spoke messages from God to Israel's people at that same time.
When Micah was alive, the country of Israel was two separate parts. The name of the north part was Israel and the name of the south part was Judah. A king ruled each part. Micah's home was in Moresheth, which was a small town in the part called Judah. It was about 5 hours' walk (about 32 kilometres) south and west from Jerusalem, Judah's capital city.
In this book, Micah tells Israel's people that God is angry with them. God is angry because they have refused to obey him. So he will cause enemies to attack them. But Micah also speaks about what God has promised. God has promised to save his people in the end.
In most of this book, Micah speaks God's words to the people. But sometimes he speaks to God on behalf of the people, and sometimes he speaks for himself.