Matthew 12:15-21

God chose Jesus to do an important job

15 Jesus knew that the Pharisees wanted to kill him. So he went away from that place. A large crowd of people followed him. He made all the sick people become well again. 16 He said to these people, ‘You must not tell anyone about me.’ 17 This happened so that what the prophet Isaiah had spoken long ago became true. Isaiah wrote what God said:

18 ‘Here is my servant.

I have chosen him to serve me.

I love him and he makes me very happy.

I will give him the strength of my Spirit.

He will tell all the nations that I will judge them fairly.

19 He will not argue with people. He will not shout at them.

People will not hear his loud voice in the streets.

20 He will not hurt weak people.

He will be kind to people who are not strong.

He will do this until there is justice everywhere.

21 All the nations will trust him to save them.’