Mark 8:27-30

Peter says who Jesus is

27 Then Jesus and his disciples went to visit some villages. They were near to the town called Caesarea Philippi. On the way, Jesus asked his disciples, ‘When people talk about me, who do they say that I am?’

28 They replied, ‘Some people say that you are John the Baptist. Other people say that you are Elijah. And some other people say that you are one of God's prophets.’

8:28This is the same report that people told King Herod in Matthew 6:14-16.

29 ‘But what do you think?’ Jesus asked them. ‘Who do you say that I am?’

Peter answered him, ‘You are the Messiah.’

8:29The people were waiting for God to send someone special to them. They called this person the Messiah or the Christ. Jesus knew that the people had wrong ideas about this person. They thought that this person would save them from the Roman government. They thought that he would be a great soldier. So, Jesus wanted to teach the people what he, the Messiah, had come to do.

30 Then Jesus said strongly to his disciples that they must not tell anybody about him.