Mark 6:7-13

Jesus sends the 12 disciples to tell God's message to people

7 Jesus asked his 12 disciples to come to him. He started to send them out to tell God's message to people. He sent them out two by two and he gave them authority over bad spirits.

8 Jesus told the disciples, ‘Only take a stick for the journey, nothing else. Do not take bread or a bag. Do not take money in your pockets. 9 Wear shoes but do not take extra clothes. 10 In each town, stay at the first house that you go into. Continue to stay there until you leave that town. 11 Perhaps you might go to a town where the people do not accept you. They will not listen to you. So you should leave that town. Clean that town's dirt off your feet. Then it will be clear that they have done something wrong.’

12 So the 12 disciples went out. They told people that they must change the way that they live. They must stop doing wrong things. 13 The disciples caused many bad spirits to come out of people. They also put oil on many sick people, and the sick people became well.