Mark 6:1-6

Jesus goes to Nazareth

1 Jesus left that place. He went to his own town. His disciples went with him.

6:1Jesus' family lived in a town called Nazareth.

2 When it was the Jewish day for rest, Jesus went to their meeting place. He began to teach the people who were there. Many of them were surprised about the things that he was saying to them. They said to each other, ‘How did this man learn all these things? How did he become so wise? How does he do all these powerful things? 3 We know he is an ordinary man. He is the carpenter. He is the son of Mary and the brother of James, Joses, Simon and Judas. His sisters live here in the town among us. Isn't that true?’ So the people there turned against Jesus.

6:3A carpenter is a man who works with wood. The people thought that they knew everything about Jesus. They believed that he was only a man like them.

4 Then Jesus said to them, ‘If a man is a prophet from God, people everywhere will say good things about him. But the people in his own town will not accept him. Even his own people and his own family will not say good things about him.’

5 Jesus could not do any powerful things in that town. But he did put his hands on a few sick people and he made them well. 6 Jesus was very surprised because the people in that town would not believe in him.

Then he went to visit the other villages that were near there. He was teaching the people who lived in those villages.